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Liner Notes: 

Away so no music

Tried a different rhyming pattern and also went a bit deeper Music added 17.50 15 July



I was looking in the mirror
Surprised at what i saw
A guy looked back at me
Who the hell was he

Took me through that mirror
To a place, Ive never seen
A place of desolation
Of fear and no elation

I saw a being ethereal
A face in pain and fear
But i could clearly see
Im sure that ghost was me

The sweat was on my forehead
And on my palms as well
Do you think i choose to be here
Or is this just my fear

I looked into his eyes
He shook his head at me
Don’t follow down this way
Unless you wish to stay

Take me back i whispered
I want another chance
I want to try and play it straight
Before its too way to late

The mirror rippled i had returned
To the place i was before
A voice said one more chance
Before the very last dance.

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Whoa. Nice dark twist to the "look in the mirror" idea.

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This IS a rhyming pattern I don't come across too often. Spooky story. Now I'm interested to hear how this rhyme scheme plays out with music!

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I like the idea of actually going into the mirror to another place....beyond looking in the mirror. Brings all kinds of images and atmosphere to mind. Rhyme scheme seems fine...wasn't distracting or anything. The music turns it into a gentle, turning-point kind of song. Nicely done!