Hanging by a thread

Hanging by a thread

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Liner Notes: 

Away from home so no music music 15/07/2018/ 13.03 Finaly got a bit experimental


Hanging by a thread

It all came to me so easy
Guess thats the way with drugs
Started on street corners
Just your average thug

Made enough to just get by
Seemed better that way
then started getting lazy
The sameness day after day

I am now on the up and up
Never fearing where to tread
Never thought my life
Would be just hanging by a thread

I started playing hard an fast
Mixing with the best
Felt i was indestructible
Much better than the rest

Borrowed from some dodgy guys
Sold them with my pitch
Thought i was on the fast path
To becoming very rich

Things are getting scary now
Started fearing where to tread
Surely my life cant be
just hanging by a thread

I should have paid my debts i know
But hey i had it all
Never ever considered
Maybe i was heading for a fall

But now they are after me
I don’t know what to do
I should have seen it coming
I guess that i was due

I am now on the run
And fearing where to tread
I know for sure my life
Is just hanging by a thread

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Powerful. Made me think about my nephew and his real life choices.

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Telling a story from the outskirts of mainstream; very naked and gravely. It reminds me of watching the Sopranos, partly just because of that glimpse into an unfamiliar world, but also there's a combination of dark, edgy, and somber in the music that conjures memories of eagerly anticipating the theme song every week. Terse writing that puts the struggle right in your face.

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Awesome audio collage / experimental backing; moody and dark and sinister but also with a sly wit and tons of character in the vocal performance. Like an exciting audio radio play in under 2.5 minutes!

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Wow...I did not expect this but I am taken by surprise. That audio collage fits the lyrics to a T while your vocals add suspense to the story, which excites. Great job!

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Intense and full of power! I absolutely love how you developed your performance! This is true artistery!