Tuesday for Simon

Tuesday for Simon

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Liner Notes: 

This week I haven't had the heart to sing any of the lyrics I've been toying with since 50/90 started. We have been saying our sad, final goodbye to my favorite feline companion, and Saturday was his burial. Fortunately tonight I got to spend some time alone in my dad's house with his piano. Here's is some of what came out. I hope to spend some more time with those keys this summer, in search of my missing mojo. Sometimes words get in the way.



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This spoke to something deep inside of me. A true masterpiece of piano. I'm sure you'll find your mojo sometime soon. It's already here, in the piano. Smile

Sad piece, well performed it works fine as an instrumental. It's quite emotive and the lift off to the "chorus" is quite nice.

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beautiful sad sounding piano playing, i really like some of the little unexpected twists, so sorry about your cat, this is a beautiful tribute.

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So sorry for your loss Barbara. You've created a very moving piece. I too feel sometimes words get on the way but somehow I do hear words here. Maybe your piano is saying them anyway. It is sad with you. It is healing for us to give away our sorrow via communicating with the piano.

The tears came as soon as this lovely piece began. Our furry little babies come to us and curl up in our hearts and when they leave they take a piece of it with them. Losing my Rowan not so long ago and her love of music, I can't help but think that she would have loved your piano too.

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Poignant, pretty piece. Really conveys your grief.

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This is beautiful. So much motion coming through in the piece. I don't think I'd use the word sad to describe this song. It's more reminiscent, very calm and soothing. I like it lots. I'm sorry to hear about your pet. Losing any family member is so hard.

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Unfortunate... maybe...
But I have too often been 'Musically' influenced by the death of a friend.
Maybe it is because of the Beautiful-Sadness that seems to express the emotions of loss.
Maybe it's because, as 'Artists,' we seem to be able to Mine the emotional Gold of the moment
and communicate that through Melody and Harmony. You have a "Gold Mine" of melody in this one.

Give me a heads up when you've got the Final. Smile

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Goodbyes are hard. Someone used "poignant" in comments and that's exactly right. xxx

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I think you've said it very well through this song. I feel for you.

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goodbyes are hard. and I think this piece really conveys the complexity of grief. I am sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing this song.

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Such beauty and sadness all at once. Hugs!

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I listened to your second piano piece yesterday, and I'm listening to this one before sunrise, with my coffee. Lovely, touching start to the day.
I don't recall hearing you play piano before - you do it so well. A wonderful, heartfelt tribute.

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I am weighing in late here Barbara, but I want you to know how much I share your loss. We lost our beloved mini-Aussie Lucy this Summer, and continue to grieve.
My wife also lost her BFF from high school to breast cancer, and my niece was involved in a rollover of an SUV, where her best friend was lost as well. So, it has been a sad 50/90. Your time at the keys was needed, and is reflected in the heartfelt sounds. Sometimes our fingers go where they need to. I am sorry for your loss my friend. Let us both look ahead to a better Autumn.

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I can feel the loss in this beautifully sad melody and am really impressed with your piano playing and I know as you move forward you will begin again because there is nothing more joyful than a beloved energy that is still wrapped around your heart forever. Hugs.

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Sorry about your cat. This is really beautiful!