Cave in Thailand

Cave in Thailand

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Liner Notes: 

So (unless you yourself have been in a cave) I'm assuming just about everyone knows about those 12 young soccer players and their coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand, and how rescue seemed all-but-impossible.. and how, despite the insane odds, they all made it out safe! (sadly, a rescue worker died earlier in the week, of course)

Anyway, that event got me thinking about some of my pessismism, and how sometimes, good things do happen.. so, here's a very quickly written and recorded tune

Recorded live with an iPhone, a resonator guitar, and some shouting...



Next time you’re feeling so low
Next time you feel despair
Next time they say goodness exists
And you snarl ‘show me where’

Next time it’s the bottom of the 9th
And no way we can win
Here are some words for your head
Gonna make you spin

There’s a cave in Thailand…

Sometimes the magic is in plain sight
Sometimes hidden from view
Its not always magic but when there is
Sometimes it can see you thru

And by magic I mean hard working people
Who walk here amongst us all
People with skills and dedication
To pick us up when we fall

There’s a cave in Thailand…

© M. Skliar 2018

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Stephen Wordsmith's picture

How the blazes did you turn the words 'There's a cave in Thailand' into a stadium anthem chorus? Well done.

It's a clever use of the metaphor to serve two purposes (in light of the preceding verses) - one as a sign that things could be worse, and one as a sign that the people of this world are willing to do their best to make things better

I dig the energy, and enjoy your little ad libbing, as usual.

kahlo2013's picture

Love the energy and vibe that your music creates that matches the upbeat optimistic people coming together and making something happen against all odds! Miraculous story and something to celebrate and your song does that and more!

darcistrutt's picture

Good old time rock! The story is a reminder of all the helpers in the world. Nice offering!

Cool tune. I like how you've taken this event to find a positive message and turn it into a song. It's a cool tune, nice entry to the chorus and classic rock n' roll guitar.

wobbie wobbit's picture

great upbeat tribute to the people who work hard for the good of others. nice topical anthem for a story that captured the hearts of the world.

Great syncopated beat, very organic and fits the syntax well, -- you do do that well Smile

Rockin'. The turn at the end of the chorus works really well.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Nice jumpin' tune! Enjoyed it. Hard to be pessimistic after listening to it!

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

I really like the chord progression here. It gives it a really nice rock vibe. Also, this is a nice perspective. It's easy to focus on negative news and ignore the positive sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool take on the challenge. Thank you for inviting us to participate. I like the positive feel in your song Mike.