Talkin Tarn

Talkin Tarn

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Liner Notes: 

This song has left me a bit behind. It's a few ideas put together, to make a whole song. I messed up the last verse, because I kept rewriting it, and then couldn't read it, when I tried to play it.


He was holding her together
as she danced around the people
that had wandered through the forests
to reach the fields of fortune
where the towers had been growing
higher by the hour

She was perfectly co-ordinated
with the colours she was wearing
they were perfect shades of bronze
and the sun mixed them in it's pallette
to paint the day sweet gold
and he looked on

Talkin Tarn was lying there
and the trees around it rustled
as the gentleness of bird's wings
moved the leaves on the silent day

They were floating on the layers
of the clouds that held their futures
built in dreams of social virtue
that need no believers
where there seemed to be no limit
to the land, and there passions

Talkin Tarn said you're hurting me
but they were drifting on stone fantasies
as they handed it to anyone
oh yes they handed it to anyone

And the tarn had been the glacier
been the ground on which the ice burned
been the haven for the nesting
of the birds that fly forever

And in answer to their last words
Talkin Tarn began speaking gently
it said the crow protects it's nest
oh yes the crow protects it's nest
the crow protects it's nest
as the crows gathered above them
but they never heard the whispers

Copyright Frances Smith @2018

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cindyrella's picture

Beautifully written and the simple and pure music and vocals just add to it. Nice one.

katpiercemusic's picture

Very pretty and sad. I like the slow pace at which the chords change, like a glacier or a tarn.

billwhite51's picture

i am really enjoying your guitar songs i like te way you hold out some of the notes and sometimes give the melody a lift on the final lines of your verses.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Very poetic and sparse ... I really like the last verse, in which Talking Tarn says,"The crow protects its nest." Wonderfully melancholic feel to the melody, and your vocals really shine. Did I hear a dog barking in the background?

RalphCarl's picture

Hi Frances. I love your writing in this one. The beautiful images you conjure are so interesting. I didn't really understand the song until I looked up Talkin Tarn and then it becomes clear and even prettier. Wonderful song

Tim Fatchen's picture

There's an almost nostalgic (wrong word but...) feel to this melancholy song and I'm GLAD the crows got 'em. Frances, there's the whole verse starting "And he thought she was a goddess"/"voices in the distance" is missing, so the lyrics don't make the sense that the song does! (see what happens when one listens properly!