Smashed Avocado

Smashed Avocado

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Every time i do a bunch of songs i always slip at least one reggae song in and at least one slightly silly one- here it is all in one - maybe there is some depth underneath


Smashed avocado

Im feeling smashed like an avocado
With feta and figs dried
Im feeling like the broken eggs
That are on the side

My bacons burnt to a crisp
Im scrambled up inside
My mind is all mixed up
Like the muesli that i tried

My life is like a breakfast bar
I start each day the same
If only i could understand
This strange and complex game

I feel flatter than a pancake
My life is not like most
Im the muffin and the kedgeree
Bananas and french toast

More buttered than a croissant
Or even eggs benedict
Flipping like a pancake
Or Cereal to inflict

My life is like a breakfast bar
I start each day the same
If only i could understand
This strange and complex game

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Interesting wraparound of similes, all to a peppy reggae beat.

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i liked both the reggae ad the silliness. Sometimes the world is a greasy spoon and god is the drunk cook.

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The title caught my Fun stuff but yes, I sense an apparent mood or two as well! Learned a new food dish: kedgeree. I like the music and vibe of it all.

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Oh, boy. Well, as a breakfast aficionado, how could I not love this!

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Came for the silly breakfast reggae, stayed for the bacon metaphors. Thanks for the laugh! Super fun!

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Yum! And a super cool reggae groove, too!
I count references to 14 different foods - great words! And I dig the humor in the vocal, too.

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Ha ha, love it. Sounds like we all need to come to yours for breakfast. There’s plenty of choice!!

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I read the lyrics before giving a listen, and all I could think was, "How the heck is this gonna be a reggae song?"
Then I click on the demo and realize - OF COURSE YOU CAN DO THIS!
Your talent and creativity seem to be endless, I really enjoyed the listen.

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I think I'll use "my bacon's burned to a crisp" when people ask me how I'm doing on those frazzled days. This is fun, for sure. And yeah, I get a bit deeper vibe to it as well. A fun way to relieve the tension and stress of a day, I'll tell ya.

Thx everyone. I had real fun doing this. I for the life of me cant remember what started this.

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Well, now *I* want to do a reggae tune. You've done a great job with this one! It's all about fun!!

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Enjoyed the upbeat melody and breakfast comparisons to your life. And your voice, this song is kind of like Bob Marley meets Pink Floyd .

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This came together so well,
Life is so like a breakfast sandwich

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I love a good avocado and this was a great morning treat to come across. Love the muesli line, so clever with the uplifting, steady beat, great song!

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This is fun and quirky and hey, I love smashed avocado Biggrin This would be so fun to be played as an ongoing loop for hotels to be playing while people are eating their breakfast lol You're making me hungry for breakfast... a meal I usually skip lol

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I hope you are doing this live. What a crowd pleaser it would be. I could hear timbales and bass in there. Breakfast + reggae + humor, is a nice recipe.

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You're making me hungry. I like the dub feel. The metaphor is great -- and I love life as a complex game, as complex as a breakfast bar. Mmmm. Eggs benedict.

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I enjoyed listening to this. I think reggae was the perfect choice for the music. The lyrics might be silly, but they are quite relatable!

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Great song, man! Sublime keys and very cool singing. Very pleasing reggae!