Grandpa Q

Grandpa Q

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My hubby's last name is McQuiston but that's a mouthful for our grandchildren so they call him "Grandpa Q". When we talk with the kids on the phone he always says "Hi Hi Hi". It made the kids giggle when they were toddlers and still makes them smile today.

I like to make at least one song for my hubby each challenge and this time I made one WITH him. He's there with his "Hi Hi Hi" and I thought the kids would like hearing him say "I love you" to each of them personally. We have six grandkids to sing to! least so far.

I kept with my soprano ukulele and tried to make this a hero-type song for Grandpa Q. I can imagine the grandkids marching as they sing "Here comes Grandpa Q".


There are certain people in your life
That show you lots of love
Here’s a very special one
That we can all sing of

Here comes Grandpa Q
He says Hi Hi Hi to you
Just one Hi would never do
Not for Grandpa Q

Grandpa Q likes to watch your ballgame
When he can go he’s glad he came
He loves to have you cuddle on his lap
Watching movies together is where it’s at


Grandpa Q likes to hear about your day
At the park he like to watch you play
Sports, or dance, or tumbling too
Grandpa Q loves everything you do


Grandpa Q has something more to say
Before this song has gone away
It’s what he hopes you all know
It’s what his life will always show

I love you…Dalton, Ethan, Alex, Lynnie, Ryan, Asher


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That was both sweet and delightful. I'm sure the grandkids will love that song!

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How charming! Great name...Grandpa Q and the 3 quick little "Hi"s are adorable. Sweet melody and lovely vocal.The grandkids must love this!

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So delightful and sweet! Nothing better than an awesome grandpa! And I love the collaboration on the vocals! He nailed it!

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Read your Facebook post about the backstory. Such a priceless gift you’ve given your hubby and grandkids.

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Awww Darci, this is so pretty! Really made even sweeter by having your husband saying "Hi Hi Hi" and especially the individual "I Love You"s at the end. The grandkids will love this and it will be something to treasure and share down through the ages. Lovely work, you sweet person!!

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Second grandparent song I've found in less than five minutes. I'm going to be a GMa come Oct, first grandkiddo! So excited to create special personal memories like this for them. Love it!

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I hope you do more this 50/90, but if not, this one is enough of an achievement! An absolutely delightful look at your loving family.

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Well - this is a bit at our house! They kids LOVE it and are already asking when we can see Gma and Gpa Q again Smile Great song Mom!

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I think I'll be hearing this in my head all day-- but I won't mind. Sweetness and fun!

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Lotta love in those verses. Beautifully intimate and personal song Darci. Thank you for this.