Prepping the Sour Cream

Prepping the Sour Cream

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Liner Notes: 

July 6. Friday night practice with the Catalytic Perverters.
tom - guitar, Brian - bass, Joe -drums

Technically, this is a cheat.

We wrote this song at our Tuesday practice on July 3, about 3 hours before 50/90 officially started for our timezone. I didn't record anything that night and we almost forgot about it by the time Friday practice rolled around. Brian had taken a couple of notes, so we learned it again and it ended up on the crappy phone recording I made. I figured I'd post it as it was so close to being a 50/90 song anyway.

Story-wise (even though it is instrumental), it fits chronologically before our first 50/90 song this year, "Punching Chickens for a Living."

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Gritty and raunchy is how I like it. That's a well-balanced mix for a phone recording; the bass is heavy, the snare is poppin and the guitar cuts me good. Nice!

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I'm not sure how one preps sour cream, but I'm sure I'd like doing it if this is the soundtrack.
Great ending!