They Say We Don't Give a Damn

They Say We Don't Give a Damn

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Liner Notes: 

By "todays" standards I was not sure if qualified for NSFW, but figured, eh, maybe ... so ticked that box.

Oh, and the worse thing I did this year was replace my chair... "leather" is a problem when recording unlike "cloth" (noiseless) ... well, live and learn.

-- Anyway:

I had other lyrics from earlier this week, but then, how it goes, I was noodling and pulled this one out my butt Wink ... -- again, how it goes. But, I would like to get to the others before I loose whatever ideas I had... -- they are just lyrics.

Since this is a, out of the butt pulled "song", I am not sure I will keep it since not entirely sure it's directional meaning and if it fits with what was flowing, -- a glitch song? Maybe...

So again, this was a one-take while writing it, noodling and found a chording; and then just felt like overdubing and horsing around with that. I maybe overbaked it for a bounce track... but don't feel like waiting a day or two to "feel" it one way or the other.

(On a rabbit trail side note... I am shocked at how some of my guitars, -- this one not normally used, pulled from a pile, anyway, how some sound "recorded". All since "demo" are direct in Mixing board, and this to me sounds "dead"... really needs a mic'd amp, -- kinda shocked. It's an old MIJ Tele "custom" or otherwise odd ball known to some as a HM Tele (from the HM Strat by fender as well). I have a Epi, DOT studio, just wood and paf's... I should'a got for this. Well, just running on a bit for no good reason Smile ) ... oh, since I don't pay attention to Keys when I write... was not sure if I'd do the Harmonica in A or E... (vamped the Am), both sounded good in those spots, but the A was easy, so used that. The E required some thinking Smile hahhh... but had a nicer edge to it.)

-- Noodling, whatchagonnado!


F Am
They say we don't give a damn....
But they don't know who we are
F Am
They pray we don't do well ...
But demand we carry their bags

It makes no sense
All thier consciense
Complaining and blaming us
Why should we help,
F G Am
It's a high price to pay, feeding the damned hand that bites you

F Am
They say we owe them
But they've just arrived
F Am
They shame and condemn us,
They ask for revenge ...

It makes no sense
All their nonsense
Complaining and blaming us
D7 // //
Greeting us as, hey assholes
F ^^ G ^^ Am
It's high price to pay, feeding open handed closed hearts

F Em Am
Hippies, and yippies, and now talking puppet heads
F Em Am
Kneejerk reactionary - osophers - Lao-tzu
F Em Am
They shoot the horses up on twitch they now ride
D7 F^ Em v Am
Wondering then why they walk cry and howl

Am 5 - 6 // //
[ / / / / / / / ]

F Am G ^ v ^ v
Just give me that red one over there

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??????why the fuss? I think this is one of your best songs. Strong vocal, pointed lyric with some memorable lines.. the chording is powerful and the harmonica adds the upper register edge. you might want to clean p the sound because you have acute ears and hear all that stuff that i dont register.

Oh hey Bill, -- definitely ear fatigue... I just listened now, days later... wow, sounds different, and cleaner. I think I loose some midrange and hi-end when ears fatigued. I'm glad I didn't tweek the eq... wow, would have been nail spike in the ear hi-hz balanced Smile I know better, --but it being 5090 and know there will be a "falling off" of listeners for feedback post when I would normally wait days, or a week. It's so hard to resist Smile

-- Anyway, thank you!, again... you are a good "filter", sanity check listener.

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Great harmonica. "They pray we don't do well but demand we carry their bags" was a great line. It brought to mind a few people. Nice write!

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Nice playing and singing. Good sound too to my ears at least. In folk song harmonica usually makes me think of Dylan but there is a different vibe to this, it's more modern somehow. If you don't know what this is about then neither do I. First I thought it's about mexican immigrants but no. Native Americans maybe? Smile

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I just had to listen to some of your other work. This is very good. Dylan or even a bit Woody Guthrie. I have to catch up eventually (when I get the internet at my new house). Great!

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First - the harmonica is great! It fills nicely the spot where you linger before switching gears - and yeah, with Lao Tzu you always get the red one, or was it that with Mao? Nevermind - the message is all good, you could always readjust the medium later... with some computers e.g. Lol

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Man - great listen here! I must admit, for a song that you "pulled out your hiney" this is great. I reminded of early Dylan. That harmonica adds beautifully to the composition and that last coin drop at the end? Brilliant. Nice work, my friend.