Idle Hands

Idle Hands

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Liner Notes: 

The end of a marriage, a little death and loss of myself.


Forget yourself
What's on your mind
Today it's only shade

Follow the forest path
And burn the bridges down

We don't see eye to eye
These idle hands can't wait to fight
We don't see eye to eye
You make believe these enchanted nights

Allow yourself
To find a new way
Into your old arcade

Alone again, so am I
Two fools alive
I want to see your real face
I can't describe the taste

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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tcelliott's picture

I love those guitars. Your melody and vocals work really well. I thoroughly enjoyed listening.

billwhite51's picture

really strong arrangement with the thick guitars, and your voice was mixed in perfectly. the lyrics are unusual and you say more with them than if you had old the story more conventionally. all in all, a very good down tempo rock ballad that makes passionate use of melodic dynamics.

The break down mid-way works nicely, for me. The solo-outtro works well too. So, great orchestration for a rock ballad with the expected heavy tone. Music 2

wobbie wobbit's picture

wow love your sound/production, some juicy bass lines in there, nice arrangement all round. strong lyrically too and catchy/memorable. very nicely done Smile

kc5's picture

I like your style, your music compositions are so passionate and you get so creative with your lyrics--unique A+.

phoenixash's picture

This is so lovely! I feel I could dance to this or even just lay down and enjoy! Very rare to find this sort of sound