Does She

Does She

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Liner Notes: 

These fantastic lyrics were written by Deanna Sweidel. I loved working with them very much. Thank you Deanna!


Does she make you laugh
Does she make you smile
Will she lay with you
For just a little while

Does she hold your hand
When things get rough
Does she speak to you softly
And tell you you’re tough

Does she say the words
You need to hear
Does she feel your sorrow
And cry your tears
Does she ache for you
Does she want a tomorrow
Because if she doesn’t
I do

Does she run to you
Does she hold you tight
Will she wave a white flag
When she knows that you’re right

Does she crave your touch
Does she keep you warm
Will she walk beside you
Through every storm

Does she ease the pain
Does she calm your head
Will she keep you close
During all times of dread

Does she love you more than I
Does she really want this life
Does she appreciate what it means
To really be your wife

Because if she doesn’t, I do

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Gorgeous! What a fantastic collaboration.

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Nice country feel to the track and solid lyrics. Great collab!

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I really love the vulnerable unwavering questions that are a statement of such a strong longing and want. The music choice is perfect to deliver the words with passionate emotional conviction and you do such a great job on these vocals, Joanne!

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Nice sweet song. Beauty is in the idea and simple lyrics. Love the 'Does She' theme. It's one we can all relate to. Love the twist with ...'cause I do' , makes it more interesting.

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Beautiful job. Lovely harmonies (And now I know how you do them! Great blog article on your process). Wonderful job and wonderful lyrics!

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This is so beautiful and evocative of the theme. Such painful and yearning lyrics, where every line pulls your heart out of your body and hits it with a sledge hammer. Love it.

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Thanks to all for listening/reading my songs!