What Do I Want, What Do I Need?

What Do I Want, What Do I Need?

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Liner Notes: 

No ideas jumped out at me the last few days so tonight I started with recording a I - iv - II - I sort of chord progression to a metronome at 134 bpm. Then I looked at my idea list to find an idea that felt like that and that became the first two lines and from there the song sorta wrote itself sorta philosophically connected to my theme. Or this is just a variation of the theme in song #2.


What Do I Want, What Do I Need?
[Guitar chord(shape relative to capo)]

[B(E)] What do I want
[B4(E4)] What do I need
[Bm(Em)] Why does it haunt
[B(E)] Why does earth bleed

[Em(Am)] Each day I wake up
[E(A)] Searching for the answer
[E2(A2)] Looking to find enough
[Em(Am)] To cure this cancer

[C#7add11(F#7add11)] Only to look up
[C#47(F#47)] and see my reflection
[C#47b6(F#4b67] Inward is tough
[C#7add11(F#7add11)] As initial direction

[B(E)] What do I want
[B4(E4)] What do I need
[Bm(Em)] Why does it haunt
[B(E)] Why does earth bleed

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Somber and meditative mood to this piece. As noted already, it is a compelling listen.

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Those finger picking chords in that slowish tempo and those contemplating lyrics and tone of voice makes this a compelling listen. Really good!

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Very meditative. The earth bleeding is a painful image yet rings true...sadly.

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Reminds me a bit of Suzanne Vega's "Cracking" with the lyrical sparseness and picked guitar. This is dark and melancholy in the nicest way, with occasional peeks of major chord sunshine in the chorus.

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First of all, this is quite a lovely progression, and both the tenderness and deliberateness of the vocal delivery make quite an impact. I think the shifting nature of the chord progression between closely related chords supports that feeling of close examination and questioning in the theme. It takes a powerful act of both consciousness and imagination to be willing to curb our own acts of convenience and pure wants, because there are billions of us creating the problem, how can my tiny adjustment help? But because there are billions, if one tiny harmful act is multiplied by that number, Earth truly can't take it; we have to act at that level. Your sincere dedication to creating the solution is inspiring. And your song is still on 'Play' in my head, like a mantra.

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This reminds me of some Indian music I've heard. I like the spaciousness giving room to the words.