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Liner Notes: 

Done as a synth of 2 songs which were fairly detailed and poignant at times. I pulled the goods and the bads and made it all a little whimsical. Tricky on the words but i had real fun on the music


It is true or is it fake
The stories read not sure what to make.
Perhaps swiper is misunderstood
Maybe underneath he could be good

Or of course he could be really bad
Just put on this earth to make Dora sad
Will he help Dora to get home
His motives as yet are still unknown

Its easy to put on another spin
On going in the river for a swim
Its all so good for fitness its true
But not if you drown or an alligator gets you

Shall i be excited or maybe sad
Not sure what Dora and Diego have
Maybe they are better out together
No matter what the weather

Should Dora hold onto the apron strings
In my mind a little bell rings
Maybe shes better away from home
Than be mollycoddled and get some weird syndrome

Or of course it can all end sweet
The bad guys a sad end to meet
Dora, Diego escape this land
Hand in hand with her Mum they stand.

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Wow! I was not sure how you would be able to do a syn with the two lyrics you were given but you did an amazing job! I love how you brought some key elements together. Great delivery too!

this was a rare time where i stared at the ipad for 10 minutes. the first time i though can i do this? - which of course in the end makes it all more satisfying

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i never knew about dora until this week , when my year old daughter started coming into my work room to take over my computer and watch dora cartoons. now this is the second dora song i have heard since then, and it is just as wonderful as the cartoon. cant wait until morning to play it for my daughter to see how she responds to it. your performance is very fetching, im sure she will love it.

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Nice work on this. I like the high-pitched percussive stuff (xylophone?)--I need to start incorporating that song in some of my stuff. Very nice "kid's song"!

Ok I'm going to have fun synthesising this with Mark's song! Biggrin

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just listening through the auntie-sin chain now i have done mine - love the delivery, very calm children's narrator voice, i especially loved the little hmm. nice sythesis thanks for playing Smile

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Beautiful song and feel here. I don't know about Dora but I like your song. Loving the vibes and the waltz like feel here.

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Nice work on this synthesis. I am going back through and listening to how my seed song morphed and it is highly entertaining. It’s interesting to see which elements seem to cling on through the morphing process. The either/or choices in your lyrics are a great way to synthesize two very different songs.

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Very cool. I started listening to this chain in a backwards motin and have ended up at Dora songs. Great work (as always).