Different Tables

Different Tables

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Liner Notes: 

Superskirmish prompt: table
(I took it literally)


Different Tables

white linen napkins
laced with tiny golden threads
lavish centerpieces
exotic flowers from private beds
antique sets of silverware
hand polished to a bright sheen
with more forks and spoons
than most will ever use or see

oh it's a gorgeous table setting
fit for a president or a queen
yes it's a gorgeous table setting
but not as beautiful as it seems

ivory lacy tablecloth
hand carved Baroque chairs
fine porcelain plates
with delicate gold leaf flairs
long stemmed crystal goblets
etched with an ornate family crest
the table is almost ready
for well-dressed mannered guests

and it's a gorgeous table setting
with extravagance that trumps the rest
yes it's a gorgeous table setting
but gorgeous is not always the best

rusty dented tin cans
that serve as family drinking cups
a small sagging make shift table
a cardboard box saying this side up
a discarded old orange frisbee
doubles as a bowl and dinner plate
with a chipped plastic spoon
rescued from the street sewer grate

and it's a make do table setting
that stems from an impoverished state
yes it's a make do table setting
and it works although it's not great

chairs are broken or missing
but there's no time to sit anyway
as house flies frequently visit
from dumpsters where the kids play
they don't need any napkins
recycled newspapers work just fine
there's not a long guest list
the hungry just wait in line

and it's a table too many know
some think 'thank God it isn't mine'
yes it's a table too many know
some think those folks aren't our kind

now the odd thing is
these tables are just three miles apart
yet one holds a seven course meal
gourmet cuisine, fine wine, dessert art
the other holds some rice and beans
stale crackers and something like cheese
at both places the water looks clear
but one contains lead the other Perrier

but they share two things in common
one- they are always set by the wealthy
yeah they share two thing in common
two - neither will keep our children healthy

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Awesome take on the skirmish prompt! Very powerful and very well done!

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That's an excellent job. Well done! Smile

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I liked your changing chorus lyric and the you set the stage well. I really like the descriptive voice you use here. The imagery, pictures it conjures is concrete. I think you may have got just a touch "preachy" at the end, but that's just a personal preference that I often succumb to as well. I like setting the scene and allowing folks to see for themselves. But with a story and crafted lyric this good, it's a small point at best. I think it's good to touch on issues such as this. You've done it well.