if i did it (the sun also rises)

if i did it (the sun also rises)

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Liner Notes: 

trying to use 50/90 to do (kind of) a new EP and this is the "piano" intro or so; raw, unmixed, quite unfinished

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Nice to hear such a big symphonic sound coupled with a solo piano.

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Yep, those strings absolutely add something to the track. They help make sure the sedate piano intro doesn't bore the listener, while also serving to balance the 2 halves of the song. Great piano playing in any case. Well done!

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Beautiful piano line-- the strings are a very helpful addition to the piano sound. It held my interest and made me curious what's coming next.

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Nice build to this, I like slow emergence of the string sounds. Piano is sweet and pensive. This would be a great soundtrack for ... something. To me the only reason it sounds unfinished is because of the non-ending.