funky uke

funky uke

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Liner Notes: 

Just warming up for an open mic session this afternoon and this came up. I was thinking about the chords for the Joe Cocker/Leon Russsell version of the letter and came up with this. I think it has the potential to be developed further.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Ooh, very nice uke work. Usually just think of strumming with that particular instrument. Yeah...develop this further!

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Wow! This sounds like a cross between funk and a little gypsy jazz. I love the style! And now I feel like I should take a trip to the woodshed with my ukulele because I have a lot to learn.

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This may well be the funkiest ukulele I've ever heard. Well done!

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So cool that I found this song! Just a half hour or so ago, I did an Instagram hashtag search for "funky uke" because I plan to make a video of me playing one of my new songs.
Your pick/strum style is crisp and indeed funky. I am super impressed and a bit envious. This one rocks, in a jazzy, finger-snapping way.

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Always did prefer Leon R's version... uke, yeah well, I'll just strum along. Out of my league, but then that was always the case Biggrin Very funky indeed!

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BADASS. I'm in awe sir! It's amazing how it's so witty and eloquent already, without any lyrics.

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Such a great funky vibe that it makes me smile. I was just strumming my tenor uke and it sounded nothing like this. I'm inspired! Really wonderful sound and fantastic rhythms!

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Beautiful layers of funk here. Funny, I don't hear "The Letter" here at all. And I've heard Alex Chilton himself do it. Such a great groove to this. When I play uke it's clanky and janky. This is everything else but that.