The joke's on us

The joke's on us

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Liner Notes: 

So I missed the 'beginning' of the skirmish where the title was 'silly', but did start thinking about it when I saw the thread... ended up not writing something with that exact title, but i thought, what could be sillier then the fact that we may be alone in the universe?

I had read this article this morning, which got me thinking about the topic

Meanwhile, I had been wanting an excuse to take my old four string (used to be five but the tuning assmebly for that 'short string' is broken) banjo off the wall, and try using it for something.

Still having a few recording issues but it worked well enough to record this.

As you can tell, I can't decide how to phrase the chorus, vocal over the riff , or after, so did it both ways in different parts of the song. Will have to do for now.

Kind of an existential banjo song....


This is the paradox of Fermi
Other Intelligent life has not been found
Of all the stars and planets in the universe
We listen, but we don’t hear a sound

Shouldn’t we be hearing some chatter
From alien beings tv programs
Shouldn’t there be alien I love lucy broadcasts
Or aliens posting instagrams

(chorus- riff)
Maybe we are alone
Maybe the joke is on us
If we’re as good as it gets
Then off may be all bets

If we’re creation’s apex
and who knows what comes next
maybe the joke is on us

if we are it, it’s a heavy burden
I’m not sure we’re up to the task
I don’t believe in a supreme being
But if you find one, go ahead and ask

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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The world needs more existential banjo songs. Nice take onthe theme. Good skirmish. I do that too with improving the lines and changing up things through the song

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This is so cute, and clever too. And a really left of centre take on the theme Smile
I truly love that chorus Smile

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The sad thing is we know we're not alone. We slowly manage to prove to ourselves that other creatures on the planet, like elephants and perhaps whales, are intelligent and yet it doesn't stop the slaughter. Shoot, we can't even stop the rampant abuse of humans by other humans and we have far fewer communication issues with other humans.

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Loved it. Especially the scientific element. Maybe we are alone? In the lack of other evidence, maybe we should act as if we ARE alone. Terrible burden, but one that could guide our morals.

Awesome song. Well done. Smile

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Nice song. Great job with your banjo and lyrics.

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Fun song. Banjo gives it a real great old time vibe to it.

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Aliens posting Instagrams - love it! Such a fun song

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I laughed at "Aliens posting Instagrams", too...then I read Pearl's comment about existential banjo songs, and laughed even harder.
Mike, this is truly perfect. Currently trying to learn it by ear on my wife's banjolele.

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Great song and thanks for your comments on my new lyrics "guilty rose" I look forward to hearing more from you. Good luck with 50/90