Locked in Dreams

Locked in Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

Joined much later as I've been teaching. Thank you for the inspiration. If anyone feels like collaborating please let me know.
Thank you for listening and commenting.

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Your recording sounds good, Nadia. I like your use of slight dissonance and unexpected notes. I think it relays the struggle associated with the word locked.

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Very nicely set the title to music, Nadia. It really captures that slightly melancholic feel. Enjoyed this!

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Gorgeous as always, Nadia! Your music is always such a treat to hear.

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I lost myself in this. Always a good sign! That's the great thing about keys, I think. A good piano song helps you lose yourself without risk.

Well done!

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Hi Nadia. Good to hear your fine piano again. Nice job on this one. Have a good 50/90

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I like the slow, ethereal, wandering feel that feels, yes, very dreamworld-like. You always do a great job of capturing your subject just in music, without the benefit of any lyrics at all, an amazing and inspiring ability.