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Liner Notes: 

Wasn't planning on this being an instrumental, but my voice really isn't up to singing today...

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Sounds like a space theme probe launched in the 1980s to search for signs of catchy instrumentals on other planets, successfully returning to earth at the end of it's mission.
This is maximum toe tapping, those drums have calculated the rhythm of my metatarsals.

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I really like the tune a lot. It does have a soundtrack-ish feel to it; very polished sounding. Smile

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I agree with @Silver Machine; very spacey (like, "out in space", not like, "Kevin Spacey").
I keep having visions of planets and comets whizzing by in fast motion as I speed out of the solar system.
I like the synths floating above the busy drum track.
Superb production, as always.

White linen pants, cigarette boat on the Atlantic, and a pack of Lucky Strikes. Yup, it's the eighties all over again. Nice.

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Nice rhythm and balance to this. It does bring me back to the 1980s. It sounds like the soundtrack for a chase scene in an adventure movie!

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yep agree with the spacey comments, especially the sort of dusty swooshes in places - i like the different textures it passes through, nice one Smile

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This was quite enjoyable. Sometimes they just don't need vocals to be good. Smile

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I hope you take this as the compliment it's intended to be...
This would be a great candidate for on hold music... some of which I really like.
This is really tight, and has a "cinematic" quality that would make it a wonderful audio bed...
It stands up alone quite well also.

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I love the synths you used in here. I'm a fan of synth sounds reminiscent of late 80's and early 90's, especially the ones used in movie soundtracks. It sounds totally retro.