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I thought you were out of earshot:
don’t know how I got caught
dear God
- dear God
I need to apologize
My stomach is in a big knot
Feelings between us are spilling hot
embarrassment and severe shock
that day in the Souvenir shop

You were looking at the Knick knacks with desire
Standing there in your sandals and a dress
Purse slung over your shoulder
I could see you as a man and couldn’t get past it

I know it doesn’t matter what I think you should wear
You can be your own person it’s your right.
But something in me’s broken cause I can’t just let you be
I gotta push gotta ask gotta fight.

You have ambitions and dreams
Obviously you have beliefs
You’ve fought to be allowed
To live the way you do.
I respect the way that I can get in the way
I’m sorry I am struggling I’ll try to let you be.

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Oh, this is such an important song.....So often the most hurtful comments are made by strangers who say mean things about someone's appearance behind their back. I am working really hard to avoid making remarks about external looks and focusing more on inner beauty. It takes a lot of effort, but when you compliment someone on something they do rather than superficial things like hair or clothing, it means so much more.

Love your guitar and the way you built this story.

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Did you include all the optional phrases? It sounded like you got most of them!

During FAWM I had a song about not mis-gendering people. On the social media that gets me blocking people real fast.