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Liner Notes: 

quick skirmish lyrics only - everyone in bed so know recording. 9th skirmish back to back - worn out now. will do music for this in the morning and maybe the outstanding skimishes



There sits the old kitchen table
Its seen 5 generations now
It’s served them strong and silently
It’s survived so long somehow

The stories it could tell
Some would even make you blush
Never ever hurried
Never in a rush

It saw the men full of alcohol
Coming home so drunk
It was covered for many years
With every kind of junk

It’s starred back empty for years
When the depression came
Many of the family never
Ever where the same

It saw the good time times come
Piled high with many goods
It had nearly everyone around it
From every neighbourhood

It’s seen the family breakdown
No one sits around no more
Perhaps its time for him to retire
He already knows the score

But it still remembers everything
It’s done all of its tasks
It could tell you everything
But no one ever asks

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Wonderful skirmishing! I love the image of the kitchen table as a witness to family history, and you've packed a lot of emotion into this. Great rhymes, too. Well done!

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We both used the kitchen table as a focal point. And we both had lines about alcohol. How great is that?

I like your story, the right se of history to highlight certain times/trials/events.

Great minds and all that. Actually what triggered it was a few months ago in a response to a challenge from Georgie i wrote a song about an armchair.

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This was nice. Lovely imagery. Well done! Smile

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Oh, I love this! We have a handful of antique tables in our home and I do wonder about who sat at the table before and what things happened or were said around the table. Great nostalgic feel and wonderful snipers of stories. A tasty table skirmish!

thx I enjoy this style and its thx to Georgie (Jibbidy34 ) she encouraged me to do a challenge a few months ago about a piece of furniture and i did an armchair - much more about it and my relationship but it set the seed.