You're My Everything

You're My Everything

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Liner Notes: 

As a Secular Buddhist (or, an Atheist who studies Buddhism) I thought it would be interesting to write a gospel tinged tune which could be about spirituality or a significant other.

The idea for the chorus came to me in the shower and as soon as I started recording the song took a life of its own. Just goes to show that showers are fantastic for more than just keeping yourself clean Smile


You’re My Everything
© 8/7/2018 C. Stewart

You’re my everything
I’m a better man when you’re with me
You’re my everything
When I’m with you, I am free

I am free to explore myself
And to find out who I really am
But that doesn’t mean that I am nothing
If you’re not there to hold my hand

There are times when I’m all alone
But I don’t so feel lonely inside
Just to know I have you there with me
Makes me feel so good to be alive


I am free to express myself
And to find out for me what is right
But no matter what path I choose to take
You’ll be right there by my side

No matter which way I turn to
From the mountains or to the sea
I know that everything will be alright
Because you’ll be right there with me


No matter how long it takes
I’ve got to find me a way
To end the pain in my life
And keep the suffering at bay
But I know all I’ve got to do
Is walk into the light

Solo (chorus)

Chorus (x2)

When I am with you, I am free

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Wonderful song, very positive, loving, believing, encouraging... I love the vibes, the music, the lyrics, your singing and playing. Your song will work brilliantly for sing along, bringing people together and would make a movie special. Great instrumentation and guitar solo.
Totally radio ready. I can picture your song in a big stadium, in Eurovision...

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This is a lovely song. The vocal is earnest and heartfelt. The music highlights this with a touch of gentleness mixed with conviction which makes you want to listen to the story! Nicely done!

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More than a touch of RnB in this track. I get the gospel tinge as well. I like the smooth feel and the melody/vocal.

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I agree with tc, I can defo hear R&B in this, especially retro R&B. Excellent gospel/Christian lyrics, but even better they are pretty universal and would cross over genres Smile
Beautiful song Smile

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You did a great job with your goal "could be about spirituality or a significant other." Your vocal rendition is sincere. I love the sound you created.

Brilliant mate. this is really top class - i know you will understand when i say - its going straight to the pool room
this is a hit song