The Long Answer

The Long Answer

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Liner Notes: 

I woke up to this skirmish with only 5 minutes to go. Lyrics written in 20 minutes but as it’s so early on a Sun everyone in my house is still asleep. I’ll have to record the music later! Lyrics only for now...


(c) 2018 Georgie Cooper

Whenever anyone asks where I’m from
I say do you want the long answer or the short one?
I was born in the country of the US of A but then my journey took me far away

At the age of eighteen months I went to Britain
That is where my brother was born
Coz my dad was stationed in Alaska
And mum was waiting patiently for him

At the age of 4 we went to Germany
By then we were a family of 3
As mumma had my sister in 1980
And Dad was stationed there with the Army

After 3 different moves within that country
We finally waved bye-bye to Germany
I was into R&B by then because I was thirteen
And the five of us went off on our journey

Our new house was a horse farm in Wales
Wales is a part of the U.K.
Lots of rolling hills and many, many sheep
That is where I spent all of my teens

At 18 when I left the family home
To Oxford city Uni I did roam
Spent 4 years getting my degree then ha...funny story
Then decided to get married to a Swede

13 years, 3 kids, 1 divorce later
I’m proud to say I’m firmly a UKer
I put down roots and I won’t move again for some time
I’m saving that for when I retire!

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Looks like a novel. Smile Gonna take some bending to the music - but i know you are up for it.