The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones

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Liner Notes: 

Well dagnabbit, y'all, I done wrote a song. Wasn't expecting to commit myself to 50/90 this year, but...well...perhaps there shall be more.

When I first started writing songs in like 6th grade, a lot of them were political and angry. I moved on to other subject matter later, but lately the anger has been coming back for...obvious reasons. I've always hated the sentiment that America is the best, or the ultimate example of freedom, because the truth is we have a long way to go. And the self-righteous American pride that often shows up in sentimental country music (I'm looking at you, Lee Greenwood) has always seemed incredibly superficial and based on the experience of being a native-born Texan or something without acknowledging the immigration, diversity, and success of activism that has formed this country. So "chosen ones" is a reference to the attitude that we're special just because we're 'Muricans.

Anyway, rant over. Enjoy the song.


We were the voices that you heard that you burned on the page
We were the paintings on the canvas that you threw into the flames
It's alright, keep it strong, there's no way you were wrong, even when betrayed
You're a soldier at one with the breath of your gun no matter who it slays
(But let me tell ya)

We are not
We are not the chosen ones

We are not
We are not the chosen ones

You never heard a sound when dreams came crashing down in the haze
Paid no attention when they spoke of castles built on your graves
And you fight, and you plead, and you cry, and you scream for things to stay the same
It's alright, there's two sides, no one dies, and you're never to blame

But we
We are not
We are not the chosen ones

We are not
We are not the chosen ones

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This song has everything. Well written lyrics, attention to meter, driving bass, a strong hook, top notch vocal performance. And a message. I got a kick listening to this. More please.

wobbie wobbit's picture

love that draggy/roll beat, lovely poppy production. got a great catchy groove with a more serious message to boot. love your vocals too. very strong and catchy. nice one

kahlo2013's picture

Wonderful groove and strong important message! Really well done. Love that hook - yes! And so glad you are doing 5090. I did not plan on doing 5090 this year either but my wife encouraged me to do 'a few songs'. Right. That's like eating one chip. Once you start it is hard to stop. I love this song of yours and look forward to more!

mike skliar's picture

very interesting take! the music and vibe of the whole thing is really first rate! the lyric is somewhat elliptical, in a way, which is an interesting approach (my own approach on this kind of thing is usually more straightforward, which is not necessary better at all, just different)

nice work! and great recording!

Peter Arvidson's picture

I love this one, Robyn. Great lyrics and production. Reminds me of Fischerspooner. So damn good.

stuartbenbow's picture

Very hooky and infectious, and had me right out of the gate. Great lyrics, and the production was top notch. Love the harmonies!

johnstaples's picture

Robyn, this is really, truly excellent! The message is so spot on and so timely! I literally love everything about this! The music is infectious...perfect for this song and message! I hit replay almost instantly! Your vocals are lovely and those harmonies so sweet!! The production is top drawer and makes me really wanna crank this one up loud! This song would fit so nicely in a playlist right between The Cranberries Zombie and Pink's Perfect!!! It is really that good in my opinion! Best song I've heard in 50/90 so far this year! Really awesome work and if you only got a single song out of this year's challenge this one is worth it! As MarkG said, this song has everything!

colgoo's picture

This is really well done. Love the entire composition of this. Great rhythm, vocal work, instrumentation, and lyrics.

splittybooms's picture

Well hello there, groovy retro electro goodness!
Your voice...that's not fair lol
I want to hear you sing everything now.
But the music here...arrangement, sounds chosen, groove, synthy goodness, all of it. This is my kind of stuff!
Love it.

katpiercemusic's picture

Woah! I love this! The lyrics are really strong... great point of view. The instrumental is great... pop but dark and a driving rhythm. I like when it drops out at about 2:50. Everything about this song is amazing.

Word. While this is about a specific group, it has a universality that I feel applies to a lot of nose up in the air groups that thrive on divisiveness. Well done!

wyatt's picture

Way to go Robyn Yeah. Infectious is a good word Yep master races come and go and new cities are built on their remains