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Liner Notes: 

Fun prompt this. Thanks @metalfoot If it cools down a little I might do a band track for it.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



It's been so hot
Everyone's complainin'
But on the other hand
They hate it when it's rainin'
Just wait half an hour the weather will reform
It's 90 degrees we're in a thunderstorm.

I used to live
With earthquakes and volcanoes
Now I live in a place
With warnings of tornadoes
We all pick our poison, make out the best we can
Always pay attention to the weatherman

Heatwave, cold snap
Keep your water heater strapped
Put a set of chains in the trunk
Make sure there's candles in your kit
If the power goes out you can handle it
Have an extra blanket by your bunk.

I don't know why
We're stuck in this position
I wish the Universe
Could all be air conditioned
But here we are together stuck on this twirling stone
Together we won't have to face the flood alone.

Yes have an extra blanket by your bunk.

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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what else would we have to complain about - everywhere has some weather - nicely put together -liked the vocals as well - sort of could hear Neil Young singing it

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Loved the way you referred to various weather conditions. Smile Great take on the skirmish theme. You sound like you're having fun with this prompt... and that's awesome.

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These lyrics are super clever!
"I wish the Universe / Could all be air conditioned"

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Great job! I like what you did with the various weather complaints. Also like that line about picking our poison. Where ever we live there is bound to be extreme conditions.

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Fabulous take on the skirmish! I love all of the different weather images and the human nature insight!

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I might have to break out my guild before 50/90 is over. However I record the guild with a condenser mic and it picks up the air handler too much and it is too hot to turn the a/c off! Nice playing (as usual) and singing. Good words, too!

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Love that opening verse, that is every single person I know, complaining about both heat and cold Biggrin Fab guitar playing, especially that lil fill.

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Love the lyrics in this. Great guitar playing backing up the vocals, too.

And that stuff about water kinda hit home as my cold water tank - which is directly above all my studio gear - sprang a leak last week. Luckily I was at home and no damage done, but I had a narrow escape...