Heat Wave

Heat Wave

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Liner Notes: 

I have a Casio.
I have a skirmish topic I set so it was time to use said Casio.
I have little voice left (mainly just out of tiredness).
It is hot here.
My A/C is working well.
This is my skirmish song.

Casio chords, for the unaware, are a feature in most Casio-made keyboards where you turn on a rhythm section and play chords with one or two fingers for accompaniment. I'm pretty sure they weren't intended to be used for backing tracks for 50/90 songs but that's how I choose to use them.


Heat wave
Heat wave
Melting from my head to toe in this
Heat wave

It's a blazing day in July
Think I'll go out front and I'll fry
An egg on the sidewalk
Or sit inside and talk
about how much I wish I were at the beach instead

Heat wave
Heat wave
Melting from my head to toe in this
Heat wave

It's a blazing hot day out there
Think I'll just stay in and despair
As the A/C breaks down
You'll see a great big frown
On my face as I turn into a puddle instead

Heat wave
Heat wave
Melting from my head to toe in this
Heat wave

Praying for rain to break the heat
Praying for some old way to beat
Praying for some sort of an end to this

Heat wave
Heat wave
Melting from my head to toe in this
Heat wave

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Awesome! You totally captured what it feels like. I like that refrain!

sounds like what the english have been saying lately. Love the music and nice easy lyrics. well delivered - nice mate

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I bet you them Casio chords were designed for crazy fast songwriting just like this. Smile
Also, Wesley Willis and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone created entire careers doing just this!

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It's really fast for such a hot day. Sounds good. I like the III7 in the chorus. One of my fave changes. Thanks for running this one.

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I'm a sucker for Casio's and other cheap keys. This song reminds of early The Magnetic Fields, especially your voice makes me think of bandleader Stephin Merritt. I can really identify with the lyrics, having the hottest spring and summer in 50+ years here in Norway.

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Pretty fun inspiration from that casio keyboard. The sound really is pretty decent. I am wondering when our A/C will finally die. It is still working well, but a few neighbors have had to replace units and they are the same age as ours!! Good melody and performance, too. How many drum patterns does that casio have? "Cool" skirmish.

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Pretty hot tune you have here. Wink Nicely done!

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Hooray for Casios! It pairs nicely wih your very laconic vocals. The subject matter hits home: we're in about the third week of ours at the moment and the heat is beginning to get a bit much Smile

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I liked the new sound! I liked the sound of the casio. Pretty cool!

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Damn I love your lower register here and the Casio progression is perfect for the summer!gloom vibes.

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Fun and catchy. Nice lyrics too. Some of the self-pitying lines combined with your lower register singing are like Magnetic Fields like Mt.Mélodie suggested. Casio sounds great and it must be easier to play than acoustic guitar when it's hot. The weather, not the guitar, is hot. I might copy this Casio thing. Smile