Rainbow Glory

Rainbow Glory

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Liner Notes: 

I kind of took the easy way out.

It all makes sense if you see the image from the music program I was using:


[Image shows the word "GLORY" written in rainbow colors with rectangular blocks within a music program.]



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HAHAHAHAH! I love this idea! I'm gonna see if I can embed secret messages like this in my next album.

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What an interesting interpretation for the prompt.....I cannot believe the depth of creativity that came from this prompt!

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Holy crap... I love it! If you hadn't mentioned the "trick" behind it, I never would've suspected a thing. It just... works. Chaotic in parts, but that works with the types of synth sounds you're using, and the whole has such a strong energy behind it.

Seriously, well done!

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Thanks for the image that you used to create the electronic soundscape. Pretty cool idea, well done.

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Wow. This is crazy. I like the concept you got here. Makes interesting structure and makes sense with the picture too. Smile