Rainbow Glory

Rainbow Glory

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Liner Notes: 

House waking soon. Then into some music. Hopefully next challenge. Found some interesting rhymes here. music aded 20.28 8th July


Rainbow glory

The Mexican sun bedazzled me
She appeared from nowhere i knew
She wasn’t one of the many
I guess shes one of the few

One of those special people
Ethereal in their presence
Leaving you feeling so at ease
In every way and sense

I had to share my thoughts with her
But i suspect she already knew
It was all so out of body
A case of deja vu

I said

I can see your rainbow glory
Like an enlightened aura
Like a shadow encircling you,
“I see it clearly senora”

She smiled but didn’t say a word
Although she said much more
I understood her fully
I really knew the score

She smiled and slowly walked away
I could feel where she had been
I stood there all alone
With a feeling so serene

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Hey, for a skirmish, this is quite good! Can't wait to hear the music later.

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Nice take, especially for a skirmish!

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That's lovely! I look forward to the demo. Smile

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Well written little mystical story. I like the backing musical bed you laid down for this one. Good writing and performance.

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Great skirmish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you use your voce in this. Intriguing musical melody