Chance Meeting

Chance Meeting

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Liner Notes: 

Had a few ideas lurking that i could use in this. Lyrics only for now. House asleep. Skirmish Lyrics added 13.27 Sunday 8th.


Chance Meeting

It was late i was out on the highway
I turned maybe left instead of right
I saw dirty old buildings, no road signs
Only broken street lights

It was lonely and scary in this part of town
But i stopped at a dingy lit bar
To ask for directions home
Then i saw her standing there

My lips went dry my heart sped up
I couldn’t find the right word
I was in a state of confusion
all my thoughts became blurred

We talked and talked for hours
I stayed with her that night
Seeking shelter from my dull world
Until i saw morning light

I still struggle to describe her
Her skin so smooth and brown
Lips oh so inviting
And eyes in which to drown

It seemed just like an off chance
But i took it on the run
Coz i new without any doubt
It was the day that life had begun

I knew they’d never accept her
But i really couldn’t care less
Id give it all up in a blink
Just to share another caress

So i left that life all behind
Im now working bars and clubs
I come home every night
To her love her smiles her hugs.

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Good story telling. It moves us right along. Good job. Waiting for the music.

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Great bluesy groove on this one--sounds like what would have been playing at that "dingy lit bar"!