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Liner Notes: 

lyrics added 9th july 16.11 Just catching up on the 1 i missed. Lyrics only until the house awakes. This just wrote itself - thought i was going to writea book.



He always had the upper hand
He beat me in every way
Guess i got used to it
Being second best each day

He out ran me as a kid
He always got more A,s
He found new and clever tricks
Just shook my head and gazed

He always got the pretty girls
Always had first choice
Had that charming look
And that strong engaging voice

I never thought id beat him
In anything id do
Just found other ways
To best see me through

But then i found something
And everything jelled
I found i could play poker
In fact i excelled

The day that he challenged me
The town all watched on
Smirking i reckon
Waiting to see it all go wrong

But this time i knew what i was doing
And as the pot got huge
I knew my time was coming
I wasnt gonna lose

He still remained confident
Even when above all the din
I said calmly
Mate i am all in

He smiled as he played his cards
3 kings a handsome hand.
He was already thinking
How he’d spend those extra grand

He thought he held all the right cards
But i turned over all 4 of her highness
It was an awesome moment
The look on his face was priceless

Ive waited all my life
I still said nothing out of politeness
But i will never forget that look that day
The moment for me was priceless

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That was fun! I especially liked the three-kings vs. four-queens at the end.

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Well written story with a good flow to it. You set it up nicely. Enjoyed my read!

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This rolled over on the SC player. Quite a tale!