I Wish We Knew How Happy We Were...

I Wish We Knew How Happy We Were...

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you for listening, commenting, sharing your thoughts. It's so hot here. I have to open my window but this means I can't record my acoustic piano. My keyboard is tiny, I use fl studio to adjust the volumes.
Update: our collaboration is posted here: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/31681

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Nadia! So good to see you here. This is lovely. If I had the internet at home (I just moved there) I would try. Nice one!

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Wow, Nadia! Beautiful stuff and I LOVE the title. I collected a bunch of "titles" in preparation for this year's challenge. I like this title better than any I came up with. Gorgeous stuff!

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Hey Nadia! This is lovely! First one of yours I've listened to. Very inspiring. I may have some words for this if no one has yet offered? Just let me know... Smile

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Damn, that's some quality piano playing right there! I'm pretty sure it was single-take, too, which is even more impressive. Sounds great to me. Keep up the good work, and make sure to let people know when the collab has been updated!

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This was beautiful and I just sat on my mobile listening and seeing the photo of the two boys and your tickling of the ivory’s just got me in the feels. It was beautiful, elegant, made me feel nostalgic for a simpler time! Outstanding job!

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Echoing the other comments regarding this piano piece.
I don't often find myself sitting and listening to piano compositions outside of some old jazz stuff, but this held my attention and actually made me introspective. Delicate but deliberate.