Born without a Torso

Born without a Torso

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Liner Notes: 

July 6. Friday night practice with the Catalytic Perverters.
tom - guitar, Brian - bass, Joe -drums

This is the fourth and final new track of the night, recorded on my phone unfortunately.

I'm not sure who named it, but they did.

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I'd like to know who named this one, because it's an AWESOME title! Biggrin

Also, you all seemed to have fun with this... Like some punks just killing time before the next beer, but actually doing something with emotion to it that will (hopefully) entertain people. Nice one!

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love the realness, reminds me of being a kid listening to punk, got that genuine in a garage feel, had me nodding along Smile

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wildly fun garage rock! you should add vocals to this, perhaps? nicely done!