Deep Water

Deep Water

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Liner Notes: 

wanted to rock up a bit. this is also a challenge due in today in another group - so killing 2 birds with one stone. i like the turn into the chorus and the but want more grunt on my verse vocals


Deep Water

Sometimes its complex
Other times its not
If you always do it the same way
You’ll always get what you got

Sometimes you’re best out of it
Keep right off the grass
And stay in the shallow end
Waiting for it to pass

Coz I ain’t getting into
no I ain’t getting into
I ain’t getting into Deep water


There’s always good out there.
It’s not all textbook
Always find fun around
If you really look

Coz I ain’t getting into
no I ain’t getting into
no I ain’t getting into Deep water

Don’t know what I was thinking
But I always try my best
Trying to enjoy the journey
Much like all the rest

Try and do it the easy way
Just try and get by
Ain’t drowning for no one
And you know why

Coz I ain’t getting into
no I ain’t getting into
no I ain’t getting into Deep water

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This has a wonderfully driving gritty groove with great fuzz on the guitar and strong strum. Awesome vocals on this that fits the lyric perfectly. I like the contrast of the clean crisp clip off some words compared to those that you let sing out. Very effective. Loved my listen!

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The voice really suits the lyrics here. Couple that with great-sounding guitars and a driving but unintrusive drum line and I think you really have something here. Smile

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Cool guitars. The music is good. That's a pretty good take on the (I presume) GYAWS challenge. Good drive, good energy, good melody on top.

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Your vocal phrasing is really interesting here, spitting the words out. Nice feel, nice groove. Interesting contrast between the confidence of the narrator and his caution about getting into deep water...

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I enjoyed this rocked up song of yours a lot! Great guitar sound and your vocals were a perfect match for the guitar! Love the lyrics in that chorus and especially that last verse how it leads right into it. Really nice write and nice performance too!

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Enjoyed. Suspenseful feeling into the hook... good lyric.

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Interesting premise. I like the hook. I love the use of metaphor. It draws me in!