'I Wish I Could Do a Handstand'

'I Wish I Could Do a Handstand'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Darci for your inspiring idea. Darci suggested to create a song using story cubes for the inspiration and kindly offered to roll her dice for interested songwriters. One of the ideas was a person doing a handstand on one hand. I have zero balance feel and I can never do anything like handstand/headstand/yoga, etc. so I thought I'd create an instrumental "complaining" about my inability to do this. Thank you for listening. If you "hear" any lyric and would like to collaborate with me on a song please kindly let me know.
The link to Darci's thread is

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It’s pretty...my complaining I think is more discordant. I love the title! I cannot do a handstand.

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This is nice! I love the turns in melody and chords - as if someone is trying to do a handstand. My brother used to do them. He was on the gymnastic squad in high school. Alas, I can't do them!

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Lovely playfulnes, Nadia. I like how this sounds like a harpsichord and it strikes me it how it reminds me of playing when younger in the school yard! Smile

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I can feel the unsteadiness of the handstand, yet this is beautiful. You've captured a wobble... Wink Well done!

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This is fun and reminded me of a kid when I kept trying and trying to do a handstand against the wall and it finally happened...and then I kept trying and trying again to do it without a wall. Thanks for the memories Wink Well done! Smile