There Was Sky

There Was Sky

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Liner Notes: 

This is song number 2. It started out as a bit of stream of consciousness writing, but then changed and became about something.


You were waiting by the river
you were calling to the wind
to wrap itself around the bridge
you saw clouds and you said rain

I kept the silver sweet and bright
that hung around my wrist
and I was looking at the shining
that I once had missed

And there was sky

You'd woken before the morning
and had heard the seagull cry
it knew the men were gathered
by the boats to escape the fire

And the softness of the feathers
that were falling down to earth
were like dust like fibres like ash
and I was drowned in mist

And there was sky

And it was carrying like an old man
all the grey sheets of smoke
unaware the earth was burning
we stood glowing in the orange light
there were flames on the moor
there were flames on the hills, and

You were by the river
you were waiting for a future
you were thinking of the reasons
to be better than your father
and you were praying for the day to break

And there was sky
oh there was sky
yeah there was sky

Copyright Frances Smith @2018

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colgoo's picture

What a lovely voice you have! It has an ethereal quality that pairs well with these lyrics.

billwhite51's picture

you often place a lovely natural scene in peril, but here you out and out destroy it. yet ever so gently, and the sky always remains above the burning ruins, filled with ash as it might be,

A sad story, powerfully told. But the sky remains even in the midst of the flaming destruction...

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Lovely tale of apocalyptic destruction! Very poetic, as always. "You were thinking of the reasons to be better than your father" is a great line, as is the whole "softness of the feathers" verse. Guitar and voice sound absolutely natural, which I enjoy. Very nice.

Jerry Pettit's picture

This is really lovely, Frances. Love the words and the music, and I'm enjoying your voice quality more and more...

marvsmooth's picture

Beautiful song with incredible lyrics set to a gorgeous melody, and great guitar accompaniment.

tamsnumber4's picture

First two verses are wonderful, a really nice write and the melody keeps it from being overly sad.