Mr Rogers, won't you be my neighbor

Mr Rogers, won't you be my neighbor

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Yesterday I saw a documentary about Fred Rogers, called 'Won't you be my neighbor". Tho I hadn't grown up on his show as a young child (I'm just a bit too old, he started his show nationally when I was already just slightly too old to be the target audience) I was certainly aware of him, and his disarming, loving and direct approach with children and adults. Watch the documentary, and you might, as I did, start crying like a baby, (in a good way, that is). there's no song that would really do him justice, really, but here's a little beginning of one that I wrote tonight...

recorded quickly on the iPhone, live guitar and vocal...


Won’t you be my neighbor, was the invitation and the promise
And it was so honest
You were honest and kind

Nobody else could talk so directly to the heart
And love was the best part
The part of us all you would find

Who else could find the goodness and make it glow
I think of you now and the tears begin to flow

Won’t you be my neighbor, was the invitation and the promise
And it was so honest
You were honest and kind

(c) 2018 M. Skliar

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I liked the chords you used for the song; from the verse parts; the minor 4 (Assuming this song is in the key of G, Cm?), the dominant 2? (A7); and from the bridge, the flat 6 (Eb?). The lyrics are nicely written and seem to be a perfect tribute to Mr. Rogers. I think repeating the first verse ends the song nicely. I also liked how short the song is, and I can't imagine it being any longer. I also liked how you start the song within 7 seconds. Nice job on writing the song!

I was part of Mr. Roger's target audience. His show was the wind-down from The Electric Company and Sesame Street. I definitely want to see the documentary. Your song is a great tribute to the kind of sentiment and genuine humanity that Fred Rogers exuded. Very classy, my man.

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what a lovely heartfelt tribute. Being from UK he was never part of my childhood either but through others' post on facebook i can see what a special character he was. this song suits the impression i have of him beautifully and those chord changes are delicious. lovely song Mike...

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I’ve heard good things about the movie. Your song makes me want to watch it even more. I think your chord set does set the right mood, great job focusing in on what was important about him.

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I saw the film this week, it also made me cry, glad we were in the dark. Your song is like the subject: true, direct, calm.

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This is the first song I have listened to here. Well done sir. Great chord progressions and "bass line" embedded there in your picking. Wonderful, soothing lyrical tribute. Well done indeed!

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This is well done and evokes the gentle spirit of Fred Rodgers with the gentle flowing melody and tempo but also conveys and angst and sense of grief with the wonderful chord progression. Now I have to see this inspiring documentary!

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Sweet, sweet tribute to a very special human being! I love the gentle emotion of the music and your heartfelt singing. Nice!

Having grown up in Pittsburgh, watching Mister Rogers on WQED is still one of my best memories from my childhood. He touch a generation what it meant to be a good neighbor and a trusted friend. Very nice tribute to an incredible man. I can't wait to see the movie with Tom Hanks next year.

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Oh, I like the melody and pace right from the start. This is pretty good, Mike. I like the songs you spin a positive vibe quite a bit, it seems. Keep up the good work.

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I remember there was a time when he was kind of vilified... people said he was too soft and touchy feely and he was the reason why kids couldn't take criticism. It was ridiculous. Criticizing a young kids show for being too kind. Thank you for writing this. It's direct and sweet just like he was. Also, rewatch that scene with him and Mr Cooper and the wading pool. There's a moment where he looks directly into the camera, and the look he gives is absolute steel. Being kind is not the same as being weak.

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like you, i was too old to be part of that target audience, it wasnt until i saw that documentary a few weeks ago that i even thought of him seriously. i wasnt quite moved to tears, but i was seriously moved, and now want to see some of the old shows, your tribute to him is very fine and i hope will move a few more geezers to check him out.

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This is a really beautiful song Mike. He was most definitely about "finding the goodness." I watch old episodes streamed on Amazon with my daughter sometimes. It's really amazing.

I had to go back and listen to your chord progression again to try and figure out how it fits this mood so well for me. I like how it descends, and then goes minor, and still sounds so pleasant and wistful and optimistic.