Here Laughing (We Don't Need Kids or Families]

Here Laughing (We Don't Need Kids or Families]

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Liner Notes: 

So this is the ANTI in the auntie-sin (Anti-Syn) challenge in response to a song by Colleen @colgoo called Dora's Dilemma.

Thus, if you are scheduled later in the auntie-sin thread you will want you to wait until the end to see how things morphed.

This was a real challenge as Colleen's lovely song had a message that resonated with me. Thus, it was hard to write something that was the antithesis of what I believe and she also used images from the Dora the Explorer cartoon. Fortunately my sons used to watch that and it's spin-off. Thus, references in this song - Dora, her cousin Diego, Baby Jaguar, the Bobo Brothers, and Click the cheeky acting Camera are from the spin-off series to Dora the Explorer called Go Diego Go. Colleen's original song had references to the Dora show including the Backpack and Swiper characters. She also used Spanish and she has gorgeous vocals. Very hard song for me to follow!

I kept her structure the same but spun the lyrics to anti and also played uke major key for a contrasting feel.

I apologize for my rudimentary ukulele playing and poor vocals. This is just an iPhone recording through the phone mic as I wanted to get something posted to keep the chain moving.

Please excuse my Spanish - I do not speak Spanish.

I have no idea how the next person @coolparadiso will do the synthesis of Colleen's and mine but I wish him luck!


we are excited, energized, equal
and are exploring new frontiers
knowing crazy cartoon Dora
has taken away all kids' fears
with Baby Jaguar, Diego
and Click the cheeky camera there

Diego hears his cousins laughing
aqui esta mi familia
oh my family is here
aqui esta mi familia

we are healthy, happy, and hoping
we harbor hypocrisies
Diego gets Click the camera
sees politicians swinging in the trees
they looked like the Bobo brothers
they were as wild as they be

Diego found his mother laughing
aqui estan mi hijos
my children are here
aqui estan mi hijos

Diego and Dora go swimming
they don't need help from me or you
we will leave them on their own
so we can have our fun too
we won't worry about any children
as self indulgent fantasies rule

if they drown it was meant to be
no necisitamos hijos
we don't need your kids or families
no necesitamos familia

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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good anti -good lyrics and well delivered and as a daily uke player i say you did ok on the Uke.

Well I think it's pretty awesome that you've played and sang on this song! I admire anyone that can complete any of the music challenges. That 2nd verse was a tad chilling. Politicians swinging from the trees - as in hanging? My goofy understanding aside, nice work on the uke (wayyy better than I could ever do) and solid song structure. I hope you do more demos!

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I just had to take a peek to see what direction you'd take!

You are brave! If I had done the antithesis I would have left Dora in the dust and steered clear of cartoon characters altogether! It will be interesting to see how much this morphs over time.

And I thought you sounded great on your ukelele. It can be hard not to compare ourselves to others here, but you are one of the great lyricists of FAWM and 50/90, and so it makes me so happy to see you stretching and building your skills, showing more dimensions to the rest of us. I love that you took some risks with this song. Great job.

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This challenge in particular ends up being more challenging than you would assume. I know I struggled with mine last FAWM but came out with a song play out now. You did a nice job coming up with and antithesis to a song you didn't disagree with.

I like that you took on the ukulele and recorded it yourself, it's a solid sounding demo. I do love the darker lyrics being to the bright feel of the ukulele. "if they drown it was meant to be" is a dark line, which is uncomfortable to think of. Really nice job on this one!

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You've got it... very well done.
We all should be dipping into our daily dose of
Political Bafoonery.

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just listening through the auntie-sin chain now i have done mine - well done on doing a demo and playing/singing, i know you usually are a lyricist. some nice contrast with dark and light imagery, thanks for playing Smile

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Good, weird, playful fun! I love your exuberant playing and singing.
We tried to get our daughter to watch Dora years ago, but she never really took to it. Her thing was Blue's Clues.