Why Do I Feel I Need To Be More

Why Do I Feel I Need To Be More

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Liner Notes: 

Chorus popped in my head earlier today but the verses and bridge required mental wrestling. Recorded outdoors with an iPhone on my in laws back patio in Iowa. Upload of mp3 in a few days. Street and nature noises in the background.


Why Do I Feel I Need To Be More
Guitar Capo IV

Chorus G Bm G Em Am G
I’ve cut my carbon footprint in half
Why aren’t I satisfied with that
I’ve cut my carbon footprint as much as I can afford
Why do I feel I need to be more

Verse E2 D2 C2
Jet fuel flight
To days of gasoline powered ICE
Waiting for night fireflies
Flames turned to embers
May not do this again til September
I hear Irma and remember

Repeat Chorus

Bridge C2 D4 Em7
What sparked this change
To get an electric car, solar panels, and live more sustainably
Maybe in the aftermath of Irma’s rage
Made me turn and face the conflict buried within who I was being and what I am believing

Repeat Chorus twice

Why do I feel I need to be more
Why do I feel I need to be more

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This has an ache to it that is sad and poignant! Especially when you mention Irma. I like to think we're all doing our best to cut our carbon footprint/be mindful. Great message.

Well, it is a shame, it is not profitable to be holistically intelligent about things, --authentically and for it's own sake. It's systemic, not just residue of our presence related ... Smile

-- Now, technically, great chord modulations, works well.

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An aching comes through the lyrics and performance.

Really powerful.

Also, trees. Plant some saplings/seedlings if you have space. Those are really carbon-favourable.

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A lot of reflection here turned into a song. And some good details that are real. I think it's a good, relatable theme. Good title too.

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As usual for you, really interesting and melodic chord progression. Thoughtful and lovely song, rustic and authentic.

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Somehow thinking this is quite fitting for a lot of people at different times in their lives, and I think it is most relavent for those going through their mid-life crisis as they are starting to question where they've been and where they are going, what they've done, and what they can no longer do, what the people next to them the same age can do and what we can no longer do. Excellent writen and well-performed. Great job, Andy!

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I like the guitar sound a lot, it sounds like there's a bit of chorus in there somewhere. I like the sound of a bit of wind with the ominous thoughts on hurricane season. We can all be aware of our environmental impact, and I like the observation that reducing your carbon footprint is an expensive game. Sustainability is for the rich, maybe, who actually consume ungodly quantities of energy during their lifetime.