Planet Blue

Planet Blue

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Liner Notes: 

We've been listening to "Spaceman" by Mike Massimino. It has me thinking about how important it is to realize we're on a small rock in space. So, I decided my anthem would be about our rock and not our country.

Our little blue planet deserves lots of love. I decided to love on it with my first song.


Oh Planet Blue
Really we’d be nothing without you
We think we’re separated
Love of country segregated
But such boundary’s overrated
That’s why I’ve created this song for you

Floating out in space
Our boundaries are erased
A lovely, small blue dot
Is all the home we’ve got


We need to treat with care
This planet we all share
Stop counting money made
If it results in earth decayed


Floating out in space
Our boundaries are erased
A lovely, small blue dot
Is all the home we’ve got


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


I like the sentiment here. Pretty melody and vocals, too. Nice to hear you Darci! Biggrin

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A much needed perspective, that is delivered very beautifully. Great way to open 50/90 Darci!

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really nice harmonies and i love the rhyming and rhythmic structures as well as the sentiment of the song, you get it across with images rather than lecturing,

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Lovely harmonies and message. Great idea to write an earth anthem! Now we'll be prepared for an alien more "isms" when humanity is threatened and tribalism is taken into outer space!!!! Makes me wonder what anthems other worlds would create.

Anyway, great job with your recording!

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Great first song Mom! Love the subject matter, of course - and the harmonies Smile

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great pretty little song. nice sentiment and well delivered. And of course i am a uke fan and player.

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Such a beautifully written song about the home we all share.

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I love the message of this song and it's super catchy. The pacing of the lyrics is really nice, and the way you deliver the back half of the chorus is great, You are saying a lot of words very quickly but you don't feel like you are rushing.

Well done, in all aspects of it.

I'm a fan of starting with chorus, -- Nile Rogers said, you got 3 secs to catch their attention (or similar words Smile ) ... so he'd start with his "hook".

Yes, the harmonies work nicely!

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Creative and insightful approach to the challenge. Great perspective and message. Lovely ukulele and melody! I always enjoy your music. So pitch perfect and clear vocals!

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Great job on this challenge. You managed to be topical, while still being positive and almost bouncy. I absolutely loved the harmonies, too! Well done!

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Beautiful song, so lovely to listen to, Love the vocal harmonies. Beautiful story, delivery and take on the challenge. Thank you for your inspiration.

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I love this. It reminds me a little of something Pete Seeger would sing. I love the way the chorus subverts the 4 line expectation. Your harmony is so sweet!

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Wonderful attitude toward the situation - always. Adorably sweet, beautifully written and performed! Love this, Darci <3

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This has a great flow to it, especially in the chorus with those rhymes. Good topic...greatly needed. And I really enjoyed your vocal harmonies. Lovely!

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Really pretty, a great perspective, most inclusive. Nice!!