The Most Excluded (songwriters lament)

The Most Excluded (songwriters lament)

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Liner Notes: 

OK, so the last of the post FAWM2018 and yet pre_50902018 ... and as the others, -- read those liner notes, and etc. -- One take, recorded while writing track with chopped out dead spots and noodling.

-- I was on the fence on this one... it may get scrap piled, not sure... so hard to filter your own stuff sometimes, aye!?! Smile


C e Em e
The most excluded, the most trampled upon
Am F
Scar... come upon..., –upon scar, upon come 
The most precluded..., --the most rambled on
Yet we have no voice, in our choice … 

Where are your guts
You loud mouthed fools
Am F
So easily spew your toothless cues
C G F C // //
Yet --we have no voice, the most, of lesser hues … 

C Em
The power of earth..., history of us
Am F
Up –thru us, from out our music fuss
We play our souls songs
G F C // //
Never paid by our throngs … 

You can’t, spoil... our dream
Don’t wake us up now
We’re not through with this prize
F Am Em Em // //
Our chance life chow, creams whipped rise …, whipped rise …

C Em
There’s a violence and dynamic, to our song
Am F
There’s a time to dance and time to walk long
We choose to reprise, our, up, rise
We choose to love first, not hate then dive … 

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I like your performance on this--guitar and vocal. Nice job!

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not for the scrap pile. great word play and theme. the melody from the em to the c is quite good. also like your somewhat slovenly vocal approach. draws the listener in the way tracy chapman used to by singing so softly you couldnt hear her unless you came up close to her face.

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Lots to work with here. A solid lyrical idea and melody. Good start!

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I like the chords progression in this and the word play. The melody is very strong and it's well suited to your voices. I think you should keep this one!