The Seasons of Age

The Seasons of Age

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Liner Notes: 

A pre-5090. first tracked in May, and working it ala "Fishbowl" style in real time, live while posted; by ustaknow (alias)

The Season of Age, ustaknow 01 May2018 song draft [possible 5090 2018]


F fragment, Am, C, Am (chord prog, -repeat)

\Ff \Am e \C c \Am e
Reflections of a pawn..., stared, life
\F \Am \C \Am
What can any of us ..., do?
\F \Am \C \Am \F \ Am C Am
We mouth a yawn morphine, – and stark plucked, media – lives spew
\G ^ \(g) \
bang bang bang,
\F Maj \a^ \Am e C Am
wake up from your sleep
\G v (d) \(drone to\ end of verse)
Bang bang bang, wake up from you sleep

\F \Am \C \Am
What can any of us do?
F Am C Am
Re - flec - tions of life pawned – for now and pennies val – ue
F Am C Am
Against a stark mom's..., – tucked in, life

F Am C Am
I think, what's going, – go - ing on!
F Am C Am
Four non-blondes screaming – actually, it's all red not blue
F Am C Am F Am C Am
And our pawned life, – no quarter, no relief, – disparate beliefs – do

F Am C Am
What can any of – us do?
F Am C Am
Since can have no clear – beef
F Am C Am F Am C Am
That any of what we do, -- profit only other hue's!

F Am
What did ever happen…
C Am F Am
To the slow pen, and never – to offend
C Am F Am C Am
To get accomplished a non – dark life light, – this fight we now call life

(Sung like chorus)
Re - flec - tions, now roll on
Fmaj Am C F (*Am) F Am
We roll on roll on, we roll, on, roll

(Pickup line)
C Am F Am C F (*Am)
Yes, what's going on – in all those – life's cues?

(Verse progression)
F Am C Am
Peace is an illusion, – a reflection of void
F Am C Am
Our chaste opioid reams, – of paper burning bright
F Am C Am
Our earthly gain no – longer pained
F Am C Am
New compost for – our life's float

[Ch] – outtro – Reg Chorus above but without – C, Am 1x only the, first 2 lines, then:
G G \F Am
Bang, bang, bang…, 2x; Wake up from your sleep…, you … … …

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we mouth a yawn morphine...much of what i like in your writing is in that phrase. mixing up the words to give them fuller meanings. i also like the sparse arrangement. so many people want to fill out there recordings with generic riffs that clutter the core of the song. this is a stark and gripping performance

"New compost for – our life's float" Man you paint some serious images with words like that. You pack quite a punch with this performance. It sounds so intense. Really sticks in the craw. I love that 4 non-blondes reference too.

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nowhere to hide with just and your trusty guitar. Its all about the timing and the clean guitar and it all works very nicely. some little gem lyrics in there as well.

Some very interesting lyrics. Our chaste opioid reams of paper burning bright. I don't think I 've ever used chaste, opioid, or reams in a song, let alone link them together. It was really cool. Enjoyed your sparse arrangement. Thanks for sharing

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I was compelled to read the lyrics through all the way as I began listening - oblique, but I seem to extract some personal meaning from them. That happens for me with Neil Young, too.
I really like your personal performance here - I like that in a lot of your songs, but I really dig it here. Like I'm in the room as the song unfolds in real time.