Walking, One Knight

Walking, One Knight

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Liner Notes: 

These, some initially, are post FAWM2018 and pre_50902018 and some are in lyrics only presently (not posted w/o track). Otherwise here as one take, and even "tape running", chopping out dead spots, noodling since recorded while writing.

So, otherwise, described as: demo, kitchen-table cuts from, for, pre/post/during FAWM5090 2018. This project is worked on "live", in process, -- check back, and it may well have changes, versions, bonus tracks, new mixes with prior to compare with (--new tracks, re-recorded, other and etcetera).


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Walking, One Knight, ustaknow 2018

Am // // Em // //

Walking, one knight, in the lights night dark
I met with Christ, walking this part
He was wrapped quite tight, in stained white sheets
Red blue, wet bright, -- just, right news

F Am Em
He gave // // [Aww..] he gave
F Am Em
He gave me a way, way to be free
Am // //
A way to be free ... ... ...

He said to me, take cover now
Don't ask why, just pull my hem
Tight then slack, and no pain to me
Back like new I was covered by torn

Walking this night, in this fights dark
I saught no thing, no solace, none
My short walk gave long one free thread
And with bread for the quick, since the dead don't

[2nd Ch]
need // // [silence]
Em Am Em
Don't need..., they don't need... they don't need...

The storms not seen, it came indeed
And met with me, now hanging by this thread
Of undead truth, tight white stained red
Proofed my blood, mixed with his, still living with dread

[3rd Ch]
F Am // Em //
But he gave ... he gave ...
F Am Em Em sus open
he gave me ... a way... a way to be free
// // // Am sus
A way to be free ... ... ...

It shatters me this message, within a knock
Of life and death, and sweet and sour docks
Of many chrome locks of paper chained parts
Put on the water, for a long dry park

[4th Ch]
Am Em Am Em
He gave... ... ... me He gave me ... a way to be free
F Am Em F Am Em Am
He gave... he gave, he gave me a way, way to be free way to be free

This walk on water, set adrift I see
And take no quarter, only take a knee
Covered by a thread of red white and blue
Stained white sheet, of Holy Spirit clues

Am Em Am Em
He gave ... he gave me ... Oh he gave, me a way to be free
F Am Em F Am Em
He gave... aww he gave .... he gave me a way to be free
Way to be free...

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this evokes the spirit of one of my favorite songs, nick caves mercy seat. did i tell you that when i was recording the manicure sessions, the engineer showed me on the board that my vocal was an exact match for cave? i would guess your voice on this would also register in that same zone. i really love this song. it shows off your style and skills to brilliant effect.

-- It "felt", and feels "good" to play.

It's, that is (the "it" of it), is the only solid "filter" lately for me, -- for what to keep or scrap.

-- Thank you! Smile

(I love how my mics pick up the birds, that gather! when I play, and the train whistle at very end... -- just get lucky sometimes too Smile hahhh!)

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Thats just a darned good song. Even with all the listening to do this will get further plays. Right in the sweet spot for me.

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For voice and guitar, this has an 'epic' quality to it - maybe epic in the story-telling sense. The lyrics have that quality where each listener is going to invest the words with their own meaning - I like lyrics that do that.

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Beautiful song, evocative with very interesting story. Your vocals and playing are hauntingly beautiful.