Street Cafe in Paris

Street Cafe in Paris

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i started these lyrics a few days ago. Came back to day tweaked them added a chorus, wrote some music and here is the final product for now. Pretty Laid back. A whole story and a long song for me.


The Street Cafe

A street cafe on the champs elysees
People going bout their day
Minding everyone else’s business
Seems to be the normal way

Paris it would appear has awoken
People are out for a jog
Stealing titbits from tables is
Madame Roux and her dog

Glasses on the end of her nose
Butter wouldn’t melt
Would never do anything wrong
Well thats what we all felt

Springtime in Parie
The cafe watches on
People making choices
Some right and some are wrong
Do they have the answers
Do they sow the seed
Or are they just passing time
Dreaming of what they need

Celeste in her tight fitting dress
Holding the boys in court
She knew what game she was playing
Well thats what we all thought

Now Giselle is an Actress just passing time
Her hopes and dreams uncovered
Grumbly at all the customers
Just waiting to be discovered

For Monsieur Fabile time has passed
Hes now just counting the cost
Of all his odd behaviours
And all the loves hes lost

Springtime in Parie
The cafe watches on
People making choices
Some right and some are wrong
Do they have the answers
Do they sow the seed
Or are they just passing time
Dreaming of what they need

Pascal The waiter just wants to retire
Leave this all behind
Go and see the wide world
To see what he can find

The cafe has seen many tales
Some true and some so tall
People climbing the ladder
And some about to fall

Come back her same time next year
Somethings may now seem strange
But The problems remain just the same
Though names and faces change

Springtime in Parie
The cafe watches on
People making choices
Some right and some are wrong
Do they have the answers
Do they sow the seed
Or are they just passing time
Dreaming of what they need

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Ah this has a such lovely lazy sensual jazzy kind of sound that captures the feeling of a Paris streetscape and the named yet faceless ambivalence so well. It transports me to the cafe. The story and sentiment superb! I love the questions in the chorus and the different characters with similar struggles. Really well down and I totally dig the sound!

This was great! You really set the scene and the atmosphere in this. The different characters and their stories were interesting. People watching at its best!

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Excellent way to escape! After a partial listen on my laptop speakers, I grabbed my noise-canceling headphones and totally immersed myself in that sidewalk cafe. Even my coffee seemed to taste better while listening to this. LOL

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it is easy to listen to, but i wouldnt call it easy listening. this is an excellent laid back blues ballad.

That is super chill. Really wonderfully laid back. I like this light jazz vibe. It does make you think of a lovely day in Paris just people watching and relaxing.
EDIT: Feels like there should be a beautiful painting to go along with this. I guess there are plenty of works of Paris streets already, but seems like it's beckoning for another.

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Neat storytelling. Curiousity immediately compels me to peak inside the lives you hold up for examination.
That jazzy double bass hooked me aswell.

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I like the feel you've created, it definitely sets the tone/mood/image of a cafe in paris.

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so Frrrrenchhhe! love that bass. such a lovely smooth vibe. love the stillness and pondering in the middle of the bustle of life going on. and that musing about passers by's lives. very dreamy. nice work!

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Ah my favorite kind of song... French and maybe a Gypsy Jazz. It needs accordion, guitar or clarinet. I love the sort people watching nature of this song. In fact, that would make an excellent challenge for this year.

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I tried clarinet but it didnt do it. I think accordian would be the go- couldnt source one.

Great, what I call, swing blues orchestration. Fretless bass comes through nice, -- mwaah. I could count it in my head, 2/4, and 3/4 (but fast :), like maybe triplets that follow a dot down beat, -- anyway nice.

I see comment about other instruments? Smile , -- ahhhh, overdriven electric! Wink Long lonely bends walking past the blue notes.

So, are you playing singing, or overdubbing? I hear the stick count in... so wonder, -- not important, rhetorical, just thinking out load as I do!

played guitar, keyboards and vocals. used a back up bass and drums

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Right of the gate I got an awesome Leonard Cohen vibe from this song in the best possible way, I feel like I should be listening to this in a dingy, smokey jazz club.

The arrangement is wonderful, the bass and piano are working perfectly together. Your vocals work beautifully with everything else you have going on. I really like the few spots were it sounds like you are almost straining to hit the high note it provides a very lovely contrast.

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Very nice song. I really like the instrumental you used. It deffinently paints a picture of ol' Parie.

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This is so very well done.
You have captured the French feelng to it

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Really enjoyed this! The tempo is spot on - and it captures the same perspective of people watching from a cafe table with the chairs that face the street. This is very leonard cohenesque.... especially this couplet "People are making choices/Some are right and some are wrong"

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You provide all of the atmosphere we need to place us in a cafe watching people, the music and lyric are very effective, I enjoyed it, now I have to leave the cafe in France.....sigh...

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Classic French sound meets Leonard Cohen and every lyric writer at his or her reportorial best. Lots of great observations and pleasant bass, drums and keyboards driving us back and forth past the café. Tres bon, mon ami!