Alabama Madness Solitude Book

Alabama Madness Solitude Book

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song about losing someone way too young. It's a soul ballad ending in a viking funeral. The title is because I knew someone who would have liked that title, and it came up randomly on the FAWM titular tool:

I salute you.

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Man thats cool. that could be anything. Love the feel of the guitar!

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melodic and goes down easy- like the ending that builds up!

Love that shift from major to minor at about 1:25 and the powerful, distorted guitar drones later on. Excellent guitar work in general. and I like the soft keyboards at the start. Definitely has a big emotional feel to it.

Dramatic one! I like it good melody and build. The ending with the smashing chords is way cool! Good listen.

At first thought I was thinking it needed lyrics, but those thoughts quickly dissipated to the realization that the simplicity and openness in this song is what makes it beautiful. The guitar melody is absolutely striking, sad and touching. This is a really wonderful song, and I wouldn't change a thing to it.

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This is beautiful Eric. Has a soft ballad beginning, but builds into a strong rock statement. All done without words!

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Yes. This. It just feels right, especially with that lead guitar.

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It definitely has a bit of an Americana Viking funeral sound to it. Like I could see a southern Viking boat pyre on one of the rivers heading out to the Gulf. It's a beatiful sendoff.