It’s A Tough Day To Be Blue

It’s A Tough Day To Be Blue

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Liner Notes: 

A list of things blue to the Songwriter Inn prompt ‘Blue’ earlier today. Listening to fireworks helped me think of the modified refrain. One take recording using iPhone GarageBand.


It’s A Tough Day To Be Blue
Verse B7 E4 vamp
Refrains Bm Em vamp

Writing with a blue mechanical pencil
Reading a blue gray environmental chemistry glance
Thinking through deep blue catacombs of temperamental celestial dance

Refrain 1
It’s a tough day to be blue
A primary color mixing with other hues

Dreaming of blue skies stormy reprieve
Test driving a used ice blue Nissan Leaf
Listening to a blue dream pop CD

Refrain 1

Resting my weary green eyes in a lounger
Wearing dark blue sale rack shorts with surfers
Awakened by breaking news about Tesla production numbers

Refrain 2
It’s a tough time to be green
Burning fires red and orange darkening

Refrain 1
Refrain 2

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Love the way you've played with blue, and the way it's used to represent an emotional state, and is the colour of the sky, and some quite mundane objects. The way you've played with this works beautifully.

This is that rain in the background or white noise? It adds to the atmosphere. I like how you keep this real with everyday objects that we wouldn't otherwise consider in song.

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Fan in the background with occasional amateur July 4th fireworks.

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This is so poetic and melancholic. I could hear it arranged as a rap ballad, with bunch of coltrane and miles davis samples for the track.

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I like this. Such a great feel, relaxed and pensive. It sounds thoughtful, not depressed. Reprieve and Nissan Leaf is a great rhyme, never heard that one!

You've got a distinct style I've noticed over the past two years I guess, -- speaking your poetry, images; possibly a "performance art" niche, if one had to "label" it.

If I remember in the circa '50's ish, -- there was a movement like this.

Anyway, since your style elements comes to mind, well, -- hope that makes some kind of sense :); -- never any guarantees there, hahhh!

However, --final note: "imo" in terms of if a deliberate style element, since ez to do, so to speak... I'd overdub a simple Snare-drum with brushes backing to it, too, the dynamics could bind a more holistic "orchestration", even a "serve the song", Triangle single hit --ringing, or Bell (bell as in the chopped out Cymbal Bells, sometimes "cast iron" lids have the same tone, --ironic i know. (I have a cast Chiminea... and the Top to the Stack is a wonderful bell tone! weird huh Smile ) (not a gong, it's between a bell and a gong in tone and sustain).

Anyway, -- derUgo! Smile

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I love this sort of song from you, Andy. I find it really evocative. Great use of the colour motif.

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Very cool. Love what you did with all the blues. Love the descriptive verbiage and the vocal works so well. Pithy strum adds the perfect touch. Great job! I think this is one of my favorites from you Smile

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I see what you did there. That final verse change of color was your hook! Outstanding!