Boogie In The Belfry

Boogie In The Belfry

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Liner Notes: 

I started playing around with open tunings a few months ago in an attempt to find something fun on my lap steel. Instead I tuned my recently acquired '65 Stella to an open D and discovered a whole new world of possibilities. This is just one of the fun bits that I found.

It started out innocently enough, but being the somewhat unorthodox person that I am, I recorded this using a Tascam DR-07 Mk II and my iPhone. Well that was all well and good, but the gas attack earlier this year had not subsided and I found an Epiphone Custom Shop SG in my hands, so I decided to dirty it up a bit.

As usual, things that happen in the belfry rarely stay there, so here it is.

Stella D, A, D, Gb, A, D
SG Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb


(no, but there was bourbon)

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Super sounds! Gotta love where that open tuning took you. Rich and bluesy, with dirt and swagger with that electric. Yeah that's cool.

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Funky groovy! Nice improvisational playing and riffs.

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Well, that's super cool! Great to hear you again.
A good early morning listen! The lead line is slippery and psychedelic. The rhythm playing would work on its own as an instrumental. Good one!

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Well that rhythm track was great, and then the lead line came in and made it that much better!
I bet this would make a great roadtrip tune, cruisin down the highway with the windows down.
Really great work!

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The acoustic sounds great, very detailed. And I love the dark tone of the electric, nice juxtaposition.

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Love that bluesy melody and how you play over it, that sound over blues really makes the melody more funky, this is fun to listen to and I like your bourbon inspirations!

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I found this on the jukebox. This is a song that sounds amazing on headphones! It's also a song I'll come back to again and again. Love the melody, it's got that dirty guitar feeling, which I absolutely love.