'Flying Down'

'Flying Down'

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Liner Notes: 

Am I the only one in flying down? Seriously, how many times can someone fall without learning how to avoid this? My lyrics is sadly based on my personal experience. If anyone feels connected with it, I don't know if I'm a unique "flyer", please let me know. Will be interesting to see if this wordies can become a song but I don't really know if they move anyone. It's for you to decide. Thank you for reading. I know it's raw and it can be tweaked. It's just what it feels like... True emotions... sad in an awkward way lol.


Flying down
Lyrics ©2018 Nadia Cripps

Why do I tend to fly down?
No one will call it flying
Everyone's laughing, I feel like a clown
It's only me who is crying

I slipped on a banana skin
I slipped on a squashed tomato
I see you grin
When you hear what happened some time ago

I had enough of flying down
When I fall there is no stopping me
I can blame the pavents in our town
Or the roots coming out from every tree

The other day I went flying over a tiny stone
What's wrong with me? I had enough!
I'm in pain, all alone
The moving seems to be too tough

I don't want to fly down, I don't even like flying
I want to stay safe. Is this too much to ask for?
I need to have good luck, I keep trying
I wish I could set a good score

Maybe I hypnotize myself by saying
I have good balance, I can move gracefully, safely
I can imagine it, portraying
My movements and it will help me, maybe...

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Oh my goodness. I'm sorry you have this issue. I'm sure others do as well. Hopefully your luck well turn soon, and there will be no more flying in your future.

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Nadia this is so sad, but super relatable as well! Did you know I once got my arm broken because I jumped off of a seesaw? Please take care of yourself.

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Oh dear! Well, you got something creative out of it at least! The lyric is full of emotion and you bring it out with the many descriptions that are oh, so relatable!

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Oh man thats a tough one. Great lyrics and hope you uhm slip out of the balance issue !