How Ever After Ends

How Ever After Ends

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Liner Notes: 

Another sad one...maybe I just need to get these out of my system so the happy songs came escape later on! Smile

HUGE THANK YOU to my dear friend Gary (Grayland at FAWM) for adding the lovely harmony parts to my caterwaulin'!


How Ever After Ends
July 4, 2018

we played house
played pretend
thought our love
would never end
said our vows
paid the rent
took on way more than
we could ever comprehend

now I wander the world alone
walk a path complete unknown
but I'm heading out again
to see how ever after ends

we got tired
made a scene
said some things
that we didn't mean
tried to patch
everything up real good
but things were further gone
than we ever understood

now I wander the world alone
walk a path complete unknown
but I'm heading out again
to see how ever after ends

you were my everything
you meant the world to me
but we blew up everything
I guess it wasn't meant to be
wasn't meant to be

now I wander the world alone
walk a path complete unknown
but I'm heading out again
to see how ever after ends

we played house
played pretend
thought our love
would never end

© 2018 John Staples

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Amanda West's picture

Oh how beautiful Smile I love the wandering lyric structure, and the words just flow beautifully.
I truly believe that hidden behind terrible sadness, is always a little happiness fighting it's way out. You just need to let it see the sunlight Smile

barbara's picture

I'm loving the short phrases that make up most of the verse, followed by the busier final couplet; creates a lot of interest/surprise right at the end of the verse! Lovely somber instrumentation to support your vocal. Well done in a sad vein.

tcelliott's picture

I love those harmonies and the cello was a nice touch. Not overdone. You do the sad so well.

Coolparadiso's picture

you are on fire mate! 2 great starts. lovely song. strings nicely put in! great stuff

Klaus's picture

You got a classic country hook in "how ever after ends". I like the gentle sway of the music, lovely melody and the cello is really nice touch. Your voice sounds so deep and so very sad. But in a good way sad. Smile

katpiercemusic's picture

I always enjoy your instrumentation. This is so polished right of the gate. I love the cello solo in this and the harmonies are quite nice. Good collaboration there. Great bridge section, and good pacing. Really impressive on the first day!

oneslowtyper's picture

Another fine song for your collection, John. I could listen to those vocals and guitar all day long.

JWHanberry's picture

I-65 exit 209 will get you to Music Row in Nashville. That's where this song belongs. Just my .02 but I'd add a couple of lines to the chorus to make it jump out coming into that catchy hook. Nice job.

Oh my goodness. I love this song. What a clever twist on happy ever after. This really tugs on the heart strings. Just so many shades of awesome. Still your biggest fan!!!

colgoo's picture

Great write, John! Love the performance and your choices with instrumentation on this are spot on. I could totally picture this on the radio.

NuJ4X's picture

Nice wordplay of caterwaulin' in the liner notes Biggrin I love the feeling of this song! Its slow, makes me think of driving down a country road in my pickup truck with a golden sunset and taking a deep breathe of clean fresh country air! Music is a lot of times about the emotions we feel while listening to it and how we perceive the tune! Great lyrics, fantastic imagery and the best of the best collection of words and harmonies! You're always amazing John! (p.s. this song was DEFINITELY meant to be!)

writeandwrong's picture

Aww, another hitting home tune. You're so good at that, John...writing songs the whole world can relate to. The title alone says everything, as it should. Excellent bridge. Well performed with a nice blend of emotion. Superb! Woot! Woot! Smile

darcistrutt's picture

It is sad but very pretty. Your mix of voices is nice. I enjoyed my listen - you always sound so "complete". Lovely.

tamsnumber4's picture

This is gorgeous. How can I say anything, I am picking up my heart and soul up off of the floor....... That opening verse is so relatable to everyone that is sucks them in and then that sadly beautiful music and vocal just washes over, that is amazing (I wanted to say lovely, but Darci already said it...).

Acousticmaddie's picture

Oh I am in love with this one. So poignant and your voice is absolutely gorgeous.