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Liner Notes: 

Thank you for listening, sharing your comments and suggestions. I've re-arranged some of the parts and made my composition last for longer.
Please also listen to my collaboration with Michael Karns @JamKar:

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


I like the sad feel to the opening theme. Being 'outbound' carries some sadness as well as some excitement (around :45). Pretty song overall, Nadia. Smile

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This is beautiful. And lonely and there's some struggle there too. It sounds like a boat on an ocean, has that open space and traveling feeling. Clearly there is a chorus but you don't repeat it, the structure is more like an improvisation. Very nicely done.

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I like the brassy sound of the synth, kind of a regal sound like trumpets and french horns at a royal ceremony or something. Sounds very sacred in a solemn and serious way. Like setting off on a journey. I like how the first part leads into the descending pattern. IMO there's a tension built up to it that by the end I almost expect it to go into another theme or instrument maybe... or maybe even just a giant gong or tribal drum Biggrin I guess I can't decide if I'm heading into battle or setting out to sea...

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It sounds like a very moody introduction to a much bigger piece especially with the unresolved chord at the end of it. This would sound even more beautiful arranged for orchestra with the main instrument being a French Horn (definitely agree with @airbagtester on that one) Smile

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This is very moody. Will be back for another listen...I always love to collaborate with you! Just very busy at the moment...

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Highly atmospheric. I am feeling a tug to write lyrics. I will do my best Nadia.