Kisses In The Rain

Kisses In The Rain

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Kisses In The Rain

Liner Notes: 

I have an interesting--to me--way of writing these:

I DID do a little cheating "pre-production" ONLY in coming up with a list of 50 tentative titles for this year's effort. (Which I'm afraid might top out at 30 this year--busy with travel and things). This was one of them. I think I might have been inspired by that Spiderman scene. (You know which one?)

So this is what I did today, starting at about 10 a.m.:

So I had this title, and another thing I do, just for a little creative nudge is...I've got a spreadsheet of songs from that book "1000 Songs To Hear Before You Die" or whatever, and I copied that list to two more columns, randomize it and then, randomly, I print off the lyrics for that day's 3 songs to inspire. I try and get some ideas from those songs to work with my title.

I don't remember which 3 songs I used this morning--actually I was unfamiliar with all of them, I think the book is British--but there was a phrase in a song called "Farmer John" (now I remember!) about "champagne eyes". I stole that. I think one of the other songs had a theme about young love, so I decided to start there.

So I had a song and melody and chord progression in mind and, per custom...I DIDN'T USE ANY OF IT!! Instead, I generally have "Band In A Box" come up with a random chord progression, which I'll then tweak a little, and I end up with something absolutely different than what I had in mind. Keeps it interesting, and most of the time it works. (Otherwise, I fear, I'd probably write the same song over and over again: C-Am-F-G, Repeat...)

That's how I do it folks. This one came out okay, although the original version in my head was very different and very Motown.

But I'm all about "random"...

P.S. There's a piece of software--cheap, under $50--that will help with that random chord progression methodology. It's called "Scaler". I bought it but haven't used it yet. Several videos on YouTube of users raving about it. Have a great 50/90!!



Words & Music
Jerry Pettit

When we were kids I walked you
To the schoolhouse on the hill.
I wore my tattered overalls,
You always dressed in frills.
Now I think back to those special days,
Take trips down Memory Lane.
The thing that I remember best


We'd sneak out to be together
Meet along the country lane.
And no matter what the weather,
Your eyes sparkled like champagne.
There were times you couldn't get away
But I would not complain;
There would always be another night


And as we both grew older
There were storms to be survived.
We were both there for each other;
Made each other feel alive.
There were sunny days and cloudy nights,
Some pleasure and some pain.
I miss the good times, even the bad,


We'd sneak out to be together
Meet along the country lane.
And no matter what the weather,
Your eyes sparkled like champagne.
There were times you couldn't get away
But I would not complain;
There would always be another night

© 2018, Jerry Pettit

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billwhite51's picture

i know a song called champagne eyes from a group in finland called satellite stories. i love the way you manufacture these pop music confections. i dont know how you make them come out so perfectly. anyway, im glad to hear something new from you. ive been waiting for it all day, and it did not disappoint.

I just love that chorus, and most especially the hook. And yes I do know the Spiderman scene. Good one. Smile But the hook is performed wonderfully. It's think and light and is everything you want a hook to be. Interesting process with your production. I think biabb did a good job of making this work even if it's not Motown. Sounds really good.

Klaus's picture

Nice! I like the melody, the lyrics, the whole thing. It feels like 70's type of song with late 50's or early 60's influences, the "old pop" mainstream Brill Building kind. Like a Neil Sedaka song from the 70's.Three of my favourite decades. Very interesting liner notes too.

Coolparadiso's picture

really good Jerry. i love the vocal overlay and the chorus. with nice simple yet evocative lyrics. sax works well. good use of biab

katpiercemusic's picture

The harmony to this is Really interesting. It goes in unexpected places. I like the vocal harmony in the chorus. It has a sort of classic sound to it. I really enjoyed listening. Thanks!

kahlo2013's picture

Such a vivid and tender image in the wonderful hook. Says so much! And you really told a great story that draws me right in. Sounds great!

Frances Smith's picture

That's an interesting writing process. The end product works very well, very sweet.

Jyllian's picture

Kind of a sweet love song. I enjoyed hearing about your creative process with the spreadsheet and brainstorming song names. Love the sax on this!

coreystewart's picture

I'm really loving the vocal melody and how it dances with the modulating chordal backing. Very cool and your lyrics paint a wonderful picture of young love. Great start Smile

wimx52's picture

Very easy on the ear and with a good story to tell. As the song developed I found myself liking it more and more and found myself a little disappointed when it finally ended. Great effort.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very beautiful catchy love song with romantic and nostalgic feel. Loving your lyrics, music, singing and instrumentation. Love the sax solo. I like your title. The ending sounds surprising to me.

I love the sax solo, and love motown... -- which has me curious now Smile hahhh.

wobbie wobbit's picture

very mellow and some nice changes, i especially like the oo oo harmonies in the chorus

Amanda West's picture

That hook line "Kisses in the rain" is excellent Smile
Biab is amazing isn't it ! I enjoyed listening to this and will now have to listen to more of yours Smile

Trendall's picture

Love the laid back vocal rhythms during the verses. Casual, conversational, and then it really opens up like legato for the hook. Nice contrast. Can't go wrong with a sax solo. Nice work.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really sweet love song dripping with nostalgia for more innocent times. The strings really make it sound like 70s easy listening hits. Sax a plus!